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New Poetry from Tony Staples

Engage! welcomes a new contributor, Tony Staples, a poet who has generously offered his work for the blog.



Hello Shaun:

I am a 52yr old man living in the UK. I have been a prison officer for 29yrs and retire in a couple of years. I have recently ceased my political activity which lasted 10yrs in left wing politics. Those that knew I was in the prison service described me as an anomaly as ‘screws’ are usually right wing at the very least. My interest now lies much more in Engaged Buddhism.

I became interested in Zen about 20yrs ago through my Judo training. I can say now that I attach to no particular brand/sect of Buddhism. I only recently realised I was doing Buddhism not being Buddhism. I am not an intellectual and tend to try and strip Buddhism down to the very basics as my poetry will show.

Below is a bio of sorts and I hope, firstly you understand my reasoning and secondly you like what I have written. I use the pen name ‘Snowflake’.

I am a man seeking the truth
amongst my thoughts, which,
for the most part, are works of fiction.
Now being not doing the dharma,
doing no harm and living a life.
In turmoil, in love
and enjoying the journey!
P.S – Why Snowflake?
         Temporary and unique
         A beautiful symbol of the All!

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