Ambedkar Society

The Ambedkar Society was established in April 2015 to promote the work and teachings of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, India’s most famous Minister of Law. Now located in Central Massachusetts, the Ambedkar Society promotes the practice of Ambedkar’s Navayana, engaged secular Buddhism. The Ambedkar Society continues the publication of

Ambedkar Society follows Ambedkar’s three-fold practice: educate, agitate, organize!

Dr._Bhim_Rao_AmbedkarCurrent Focus: Introducing Ambedkarite Buddhism in Central Massachusetts.

Ongoing campaigns: Fighting the Trump Regime; human rights and climate justice; teaching the dharma that is relevant to the precariat class.

Climate Justice:
Developing a dharmaecology, BodhGaia. Awakening to the interconnectedness of life on this planet. Working with local and global climate justice campaigns in Central Massachusetts.

Queer Dharma CircleWe have established a queer Buddhist faerie commune at Bird Hill Farm in Ware, MA.

Human Rights:
The Gender Diversity Project: Triratna Gender Diverse Buddhists Group, based in the UK, has over 200 members, and the TransBuddhists, based in the US, has 150 members. We have been educating Buddhist communities on transgender inclusion in the UK, North America and South Asia.

Contact: Shaun Bartone at for more information.


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