The Dharma Realm is Ready

Buddhist, Yoga, Dharma friends: the Mastodon Instance Dharma Realm is ready! Invite: Dharma Realm is hosted at Dharma Realm is a Mastodon Instance for Buddhism, Dharma, Yoga, Advaita, and related spiritualities (Secular Buddhism, Naturalism, Tao, etc).I’m looking for a hosting partner to help moderate the site. If you’re interested in working on this project, please… Read More The Dharma Realm is Ready

Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

ENGAGE! IS THE DHARMA OF CRITICAL ENGAGEMENT, social, scientific and spiritual. Our mission is to bring about awakening through the exploration of our deep interconnectedness, our interbeing with the phenomenal world. Engage! is beginning a new project of focusing on social innovation and creativity. If you would like to participate in this project, by submitting articles… Read More Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

Jaron Lanier on Conflict in Social Media

Jaron Lanier argues that the use of social media by social justice movements polarizes and intensifies tribalism and conflict. Social media algorithms are programmed to select posts that amplify opposition and conflict in order to increase ‘engagement.’ Jaron Lanier is one of the foremost digital visionaries of our times. One of Silicon Valley’s key early… Read More Jaron Lanier on Conflict in Social Media

Defending the Forest

German Police Evict Anti-Coal Activists From a 12,000-Year-Old Forest (in Photos) The protesters have occupied a community of tree houses for six years to oppose a nearby coal mine. Emily MoonSep 15, 2018 Police evicted protesters Thursday from a vast, old-growth forest in western Germany, where they’ve lived in a community of tree houses for… Read More Defending the Forest

Extremist Political Groups Act like Cults

Chris Johnston was a member of the Buddhafield cult in Los Angeles in the 80s. Chris made a documentary about the cult, called “Holy Hell”. Chris was interviewed by ‘Richard’ of Deep State Consciousness, who has himself been involved in Eastern spiritual movements and cults: Chris Johnston left the cult and went on… Read More Extremist Political Groups Act like Cults