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Engage w/Detention Watch Network

Engage! is dedicating its space on the web to highlight one cause: end the imprisonment and torture of  infants and children in concentration camps on the Souther Border of the … Continue reading

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Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

ENGAGE! IS THE DHARMA OF CRITICAL ENGAGEMENT, social, scientific and spiritual. Our mission is to bring about awakening through the exploration of our deep interconnectedness, our interbeing with the phenomenal world. … Continue reading

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Yazz Ahmed: Polyhymnia

Yazz Ahmed is a British-Bahraini trumpet player and composer. Through her music, she seeks to blur the lines between jazz, Arabic folk and electronic sound design, bringing together the sounds … Continue reading

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Yama Buddha: Nepalese Rapper

Yama Buddha WAS a brilliant Nepalese rapper, but sad to say, he died in 2017 at age 29. Cause of death: suicide, death by hanging. His rap was amazingly sensitive … Continue reading

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Kendall: Meditation for Climate Strike for Immigration Justice

Meditation for Climate and Immigration, September 29, 2019 On behalf of Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Kendall was asked to lead a meditation at the Climate Strike for Immigration Justice in … Continue reading

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Launching Dharamaecology

I am relaunching the Dharma Nerds blog as Dharmaecology, although the URL is the same. for now. You might consider Dharmaecology as Ditching the Raft #5. So here goes: What is Dharmaecology? … Continue reading

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Political and Spiritual

I’ve discovered this fantastic collection of rare and unknown jazz gems compiled by Jazzman Records UK called ‘Spiritual Jazz.’ There are nine volumes of Spiritual Jazz compilations, and I vow … Continue reading

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Ditching the Raft 5: Meaning & Belonging

Previous posts on Ditching the Raft talked about the doctrine or content of Buddhism and what it offers: a unified theory of self and world that also provides an ethical … Continue reading

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Climate Change is Not an Event

Climate Change is not an event. Although it’s sign-posted by geologic history, and human history, it doesn’t have a fixed start-and-end-date. Although it’s measured by C02 increase over the pre-industrial … Continue reading

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Joan Sutherland: Radiant Darkness

Both enlightenment and endarkenment need each other, each completes the other, and without each other, awakening is not complete. —Roshi Joan Sutherland. I’m pursuing Joan Sutherland’s path of endarkenment, through … Continue reading

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DANCE: Active Contemplation in the Flow Space of Mass Protest Events

DANCE stands for Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement. It was coined by a group of Buddhists active in the climate justice movement in the UK, led by Thanissara. But … Continue reading

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Buddhist Futures: Cyborg Buddhism 2

Dig this, there’s a youtube video showing Japanese Buddhist priests (don’t know which tradition–Shingon perhaps?) bowing before the Android Kannon. Interestingly, Android Kannon has both feminine and masculine voices, like … Continue reading

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