Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

ENGAGE! IS THE DHARMA OF CRITICAL ENGAGEMENT, social, scientific and spiritual. Our mission is to bring about awakening through the exploration of our deep interconnectedness, our interbeing with the phenomenal world. Engage! is looking for inspired activists to offer posts, articles, poetry, photos, videos, drawings, animations, music, song, and spoken word to the magazine. Send us your… Read More Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz and the Art of Protest

This article was reblogged from my new shingle at Tumblr: Soul Yogi, at I’m turning my attention to the music I love—Soul Jazz—and working on a set with my band, The Soul Yogis. Visit thesoulyogi.tumblr often to discover great soul-jazz music of the 60s and 70s, and revivalist soul music of the 90s and today.… Read More Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz and the Art of Protest

Erica Ayisi: The Lynching Memorial

Lynching Memorial: Ghanaian Artist Hopes Sculpture Captures Shared Pain Between African Americans and the Motherland Erica Ayisi 5/07/18 1:18pm originally published at the Root Sculpture by Ghanaian artist Kwame Akoto-Bamfo at the beginning of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.Photo: Human Pictures (Equal Justice Initiative) Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s visa application for entry into the United States… Read More Erica Ayisi: The Lynching Memorial

Uncertainty and Evolution

Uncertainty is the best tool to navigate toward our post-carbon future: Why confronting the limits to knowledge about complex systems can enhance our capacity to learn Josh FloydAug 10, 2017 Energy, Systems & Society Fellow, The Rescope Project; catalysing systemic inquiry for civilisational futures;; Source: Next Nature Network In this seventh contribution to the INSURGE symposium,… Read More Uncertainty and Evolution

DN: Arundhati Roy on Fascism in India

In these two videos, DN interviews Arundhati Roy who talks about her latest novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. Roy provides an insightful analysis of the history and political dynamics of Hindu Nationalism and fascism in India, and populist counter-movements in India. Roy relates that the caste system is being reinforced, Dalits are being pushed out of jobs,… Read More DN: Arundhati Roy on Fascism in India

ZAD: The Battle Against the Commons

The revenge against the commons: Why France’s biggest police operation since May 1968 is prepared to kill for Macron’s neoliberal nightmare. [originally published at Open Democracy.] by Zad Forever 3 May 2018 *Zad Forever is a collectively authored English language blog bringing together dispatches from *la zad of Notre Dame de Landes, France, a liberated territory against… Read More ZAD: The Battle Against the Commons