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Burma: The Revolution Now

For more info: Twitter #whatshappeninginmyanmar The people of Myanmar, comprised of not just Burmese Buddhists, but dozens of diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious groups, are fighting for and end to … Continue reading

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Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

ENGAGE! IS THE DHARMA OF CRITICAL ENGAGEMENT, social, scientific and spiritual. Our mission is to bring about awakening through the exploration of our deep interconnectedness, our interbeing with the phenomenal world. … Continue reading

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Indigenous Leaders at the Frontlines of Environmental Justice October 11, 2021 Giulia C.S. Good Stefani originally published by NRDC The fight for a healthier planet is inextricably bound up with Indigenous … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern

Check out this stunning Rap/Soul track in Thai, “To Whom It May Concern”, released by Rap Against Dictatorship, #MilkTeaAlliance.

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Thousands of Displaced Myanmar Children Face Starvation

Global Charity Warns Thousands of Displaced Myanmar Children Facing Starvation By THE IRRAWADDY 4 October 2021  A large proportion of more than 76,000 children in Myanmar who have been forced to flee … Continue reading

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Bamar and Rohingya Reconciliation

Myanmar’s ethnic Bamar majority seeks amends with Rohingya after they, too, face military violence Since February’s coup, Bamar people who once ignored the persecution of Rohingya are now finding common … Continue reading

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Update: Myanmar and the UN Process

The United Nations General Assembly has begun its annual fall session. During this session, it has convenved the Credentials Committee, which decides who represents the official government of Myanmar (and … Continue reading

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RFA: UN Calls Coup Human Rights Disaster

UN Says Military Has Brought Myanmar to Brink of ‘Collapse’ in Damning Report on Rights Violations Human Rights czar Michelle Bachelet urges the international community to act before it is … Continue reading

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First Buddhist Retreat for Transgenders in India

[Note: The following article uses “Transgenders” as a gender designation for what is often named “Third Gender” in India, or “Transgender” in North America. My apologies if you find the … Continue reading

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Int’l Democracy Day: #MilkTeaAlliance

The #MilkTeaAlliance why does it matter? Xun-ling Au With it being somewhat over a year now since the emergence of the milk tea alliance and a month or so since … Continue reading

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The Latinization of America

Editor: The following essay by John Blake is a penetrating look into a blazing fact of the American social fabric: the US is becoming a Latin America. The latest 2020 … Continue reading

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Bhikkhu Bodhi: Getting to the Roots

Bhikkhu Bodhi lays out a classical Buddhist argument for overcoming global poverty: the Four Noble Truths. He lays out three interlocking crises that are driving world hunger—conflict, COVID and climate—and … Continue reading

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