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Engage w/Detention Watch Network

Engage! is dedicating its space on the web to highlight one cause: end the imprisonment and torture of  infants and children in concentration camps on the Souther Border of the … Continue reading

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Get Engaged! Submit Your Beautiful Noise

ENGAGE! IS THE DHARMA OF CRITICAL ENGAGEMENT, social, scientific and spiritual. Our mission is to bring about awakening through the exploration of our deep interconnectedness, our interbeing with the phenomenal world. … Continue reading

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Jem Bendell: the Collapse of E.S.C.A.P.E.

[Editor: I’m presenting the work of Sociologist Prof. Jem Bendell who introduced the world to his model of ‘Deep Adaptation’ as a response to societal collapse caused by the climate … Continue reading

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All Black Lives Matter: Pride in the Pandemic

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all outdoor Pride parades and festivals in North America have been cancelled through September. Instead, we are celebrating Pride at Home, in our livng rooms, … Continue reading

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Towards a Buddhist Sociology 1: Creating Social Realities

Various forms of Buddhism say that we create our reality with our minds. This is often misinterpreted as saying that we have the ability (some say the ‘power’) to create … Continue reading

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Chillin’ at the Buddha Bar

Young Japan priests try to breathe life into fading Buddhism In this March 5, 2020 photo, customers laugh at the Vowz Bar, run by Buddhist priests, in downtown Tokyo. Buddhism … Continue reading

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Power, Domination and Resistance: A Subaltern Reading of the Pāli Jātaka Stories

Power, Domination and Resistance: A Subaltern Reading of the PāliJātaka Stories by Neekee Chaturvedi originally published in Polygraphiques 3/2017: Indian Birth and Western Rebirths of the Jātaka Tales The Jātakas are … Continue reading

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To Breathe Together

To Breathe Together: Co-Conspirators For Decolonial Futures By Sefanit Habtom and Megan Scribe In Social Policy, originally published at Yellowhead Institute Under these conditions, we must conspire to breathe life into something new. AS … Continue reading

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Murder of Black People, Structural Racism, and Trump’s Presidency Must End.

Originally posted on Networkologies:
We need to speak with one voice: the murder of Black and Brown people, citizen or otherwise, at the hands of police, ICE, border patrol, the…

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Guo Gu: Race, Violence, and A Buddhist Approach to Social Change

I just heard this dharma talk today from Guo Gu, a Chan teacher based at the Tallahassee Chan Center in Florida. I have heard a few of his teachings and … Continue reading

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Engaging with Love: A Culture of Care

Engage with Love is the focus for my own practice as a Buddhist activist and as editor of this blog, with compassion for all, including our so-called ‘enemies’. I espouse … Continue reading

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Arundhati Roy: Pandemic is a Portal

Arundhati Roy has been speaking on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global scene as well as her home in India. In this interview with Imani Perry, Professor … Continue reading

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