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Ayishat Akanbi: The Problem with Wokeness

Ayishat Akanbi of Double Down News talks about race and gender conflicts and the problem of ‘wokeness’ as a reactionary response to complex issues. The video is limited to 18+, … Continue reading

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Learning to Die in the Anthropocene

Editor: This article by Roy Scranton, author of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, foregrounds an issue that I bring up repeatedly with my climate justice comrades: If we did what the … Continue reading

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The Racist Roots of Terrorism

The following thread by Gwen Snyder explains how White Supremacy and White Nationalism are ideologies that spawn terrorist acts, in the same way and for similar reasons as Islamic terrorism. … Continue reading

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The One Ideology Tom Pepper Refuses to Own Up To: White Supremacy

Tom Pepper launched another one of his treatises on ideology on The Faithful Buddhist. This time he argues that the mass shootings last weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, … Continue reading

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The Dark Reality of Eco-Fascism

How Climate Change Is Becoming a Deadly Part of White Nationalism Brian KahnWednesday 1:17pm “The manifestos of the shooters in both New Zealand and El Paso in a sense represent … Continue reading

2019/08/11 · 1 Comment

Hong Kong Protests: Be Water!

“Be Water!”: seven tactics that are winning Hong Kong’s democracy revolution The strategies of Hong Kong protesters, honed through weekly clashes with police, offer a masterclass to activists worldwide. By … Continue reading

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Deep Adaptation

What does Buddhism have to offer in terms of Deep Adaptation to catastrophic climate change and ecological extinction? Can Buddhist practice work for us as a source of resilience required … Continue reading

2019/08/09 · 3 Comments

DIY Buddhist Subcultures

Why do western Buddhists insist on colonizing, cloning or otherwise reproducing the Buddhist culture of the past? of historic or contemporary Asia? Western Buddhists have to create our own culture, … Continue reading

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UN: Climate Change Threatens Global Food Supply

By Christopher Flavelle April 30, 2019 The world’s land and water resources are being exploited at “unprecedented rates,” a new United Nations report warns, which combined with climate change is … Continue reading

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Toni Morrison: White Supremacy is Pathetic

Toni Morrison passed away yesterday at age 88. In honor of her legacy of empowerment for Black Women and all people of color, I am reprinting her 2016 article linking … Continue reading

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