Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Buddhist Futures: Anarres Revisited

On the Uses of Buddhism for Collective Evolution. Following my participation with the NonBuddhist Posse, and reading The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin (anarchist book club), the questions that … Continue reading

2020/12/06 · 2 Comments

Blanca: The Buddha Bows

The Buddha Bows by Enrico Blanca At precisely 7 PM every night in New York City, people lean out their windows and make a holy and uproarious noise. They clap, … Continue reading

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Boyce-Simms: Multidimensionality

Pamela Boyce-Simms of Buddhist-Quaker shares her exploration of our interaction with the cosmos in a contemplative poem (excerpt): Please observe where your innervision takes you as we focus our attention … Continue reading

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Young Monks for Democracy

  The pro-democracy monks joining Thailand’s protests KHEMTHONG TONSAKULRUNGRUANG – 16 NOV, 2020 Originally published in New Mandala It is a time of rebellion. Thousands of Thais are marching in … Continue reading

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Flatbush Avenue 2 Train

by H. Enrico Blanca   Somewhere in Brooklynit’s about a woman sobbingalone on the subway. It’s about a Guyanese elderpsychologist minister takingclasses to counsel junkies. About a father who kidnapsthe … Continue reading

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Thai Monk Calls Out Lack of Ethics, Democracy, Justice in Thai Sangha

A Buddhist Monk Was Accused of Criticizing the Thai King. He Fled the Country. The pro-democracy protests enveloping Thailand are drawing in more monks in an unusual mix of religion and … Continue reading

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Aesthetic Dharma

What is a Buddhist Aesthetics? What is the dharma of aesthetics? Is it meaning? truth? experience? expression? beauty? pleasure? is it conceptual or intuitive? Is a dharma of art better … Continue reading

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ReWild the World

Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists Restoring 15% of degraded natural lands highly effective for carbon storage and avoiding species extinctions Scientists note the importance of appropriate … Continue reading

2020/11/06 · 1 Comment

They Travel the Spaceways: Reflections on Afrofuturism, Music and Zen Buddhism

They Travel the Spaceways: Reflections on Afrofuturism, Music and Zen Buddhism by Henry T. Blanke  Great Black Music: Ancient to the Future; Art Ensemble of Chicago In the Harlem that … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Social Justice

Can Buddhism change society? Celebrating the 64th Dhammachakra Pravartan Day, the Conversion of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar- October 14th 2020.  (Editor: On September 20, 2020, I became a Mitra of … Continue reading

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