Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Monks and Military in Myanmar

I’d like to present this image of Buddhist monks in Myanmar offering food to the military in the midst of their attempted coup of Myanmar’s democracy, and their violent crackdown … Continue reading

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#5/21 Generative Art

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Buddhist Monks for Farmers’ Strike

[Editor, why I am re-posting this story from Buddhistdoor Global: Not only is it crucial that we understand the social conditions of farmers in India, who make up roughly 60% … Continue reading

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#4/21The Sutra of Golden Light

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Engaged Buddhism as Macro-Social Work Practice

Mindfulness and Engaged Buddhism: Implications for a Generalist Macro Social Work Practice by Michael Uebel, PhD, LCSW Clayton Shorkey, PhD, LCSW, University of Texas at Austin. Editor: I’m pleased and … Continue reading

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Buddha Meets Techno

It amazes me that Japanese Zen is constantly innovating to stay relevant and appeal to today’s practitioners, yet Western Buddhists are so hung up on living out an imagined Buddhist … Continue reading

2021/02/08 · 1 Comment

More Arriving from Central America

  [Editor: Engage! continues to cover immigration and refugee issues, this time in the form of an editorial published in the Boston Globe. I am trying not to re-post news … Continue reading

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Love Compassion Kindness

I’ve had enough of arguments about Buddhist philosophy, physics, metaphysics and all the rest. Engaged Buddhism as well has shrunk down to vindictive self-righteous arguments about “victims” and “enemies”, with … Continue reading

2021/02/07 · 1 Comment

Boyce-Simms: Seeing the Enemy

[Editor: Pamela Boyce-Simms, at Buddhist Quaker, has graced us with another jewel of critical thought and practice about how we see and react to ‘the enemy.’] When people behave in … Continue reading

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Next Step to Reunite Families

Today the Biden administration announced a presidential task force to reunite more than 611 children who were separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration. Three … Continue reading

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