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Why I am not a Communist or a Capitalist

[Editor: I wrote this in April 2021 and for some reason, never published it. Forgot perhaps? But it’s still relevant.] Why I am not a Communist or a Capitalist–and why … Continue reading

2022/11/04 · 2 Comments

Cyborg Buddhism Pt. 2: Android Kannon

“Artificial intelligence has developed to such an extent we thought it logical for the Buddha to transform into a robot,” said Buddhist Priest, Tensho Goto. This episode is available at … Continue reading

2022/11/03 · Leave a comment

Lines of Flight: Cyborg Buddhism

Lines of Flight is the subtitle for my explorations of culture within [post]modern Buddhism, under the main podcast entitled ‘Engage Dharma’ (I know, it gets complicated, but that’s how I am). … Continue reading

2022/10/19 · Leave a comment

Protests in Iran Continue for Women’s Rights

Danya Issawi Oct. 5, 2022 Women Across Iran Are Protesting the ‘Morality Police’ Iranian Forces Led Brutal Crackdowns Against University Protesters [Editor’s Note: One woman dies in custody for wearing … Continue reading

2022/10/07 · Leave a comment

Buddhist Futures: Karmalink

Oh F*ck! …this is it… A new film has been released, June 2022, directed by Jake Wachtel, written by Jake Wachtel and Christopher Larsen. It’s a Buddhist science fiction film … Continue reading

2022/09/28 · 1 Comment

Global Protests Erupt Over Death of Mahsa Amini

The Current (a series of reports from The Current on CBC Radio, over the last seven days.) Amid violent protests in Iran, women throwing off headscarves have nothing to lose, … Continue reading

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MTA IRAN: The Revolution Now

I am reposting tweets from the Milk Tea Alliance Iran account concerning the current uprising in Iran against authoritarianism and gender oppression. On Sept. 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish … Continue reading

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F. D. Sig: The Black Manosphere

Black Gender theorist F. D. Signifier finally delivers his major thesis on the Manosphere, “Understanding the Black Manosphere.” This video is a long one, over two and a half hours, … Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: Ocean Vuong

In this interview, the poet Ocean Vuong discusses his career and experience as a teacher and as a writer. He talks about anger, and how care evolves out of anger. … Continue reading

2022/09/11 · Leave a comment

Sri Lanka: The Cost of War

Some portion of Sri Lanka’s current troubles–its bankrupt government and collapsed economy–can be attributed to the social and economic cost of 30 years of civil war. While some have asserted … Continue reading

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