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Ditching the Raft 4: Staying Connected

Today I led a discussion with Trash Community on ‘Ditching the Raft’ (MN 22), i.e. letting go of Buddhist dharma when we no longer need it, especially when modern science … Continue reading

2019/08/18 · 3 Comments

Jem Bendell on Deep Adaptation

Prof. Jem Bendell talks about the social, emotional & existential responses to the climate crisis. Bendell talks about three R’s: Resilience or what we value most that we want to … Continue reading

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Haque: Three Lies of Fascism

Three Lies That are Setting Fire to the World 3. You’ll find safety by becoming a predator. It says: you will be safe if you abuse, hurt, and harm someone … Continue reading

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Buddhist Futures: Cyborg Buddhism

[photo of earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal, 2015] Archaic Buddhism is in ruins, but we can sort through the ruins of the past to find things that we might need to … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: Waste as Fashion

A Buddhist approach to fashion might include this conceptual fashion disaster: waste as fashion, modeled by a beautiful and gifted gender-ambiguous Thai fashion designer, Madaew. When the Buddha gave instructions … Continue reading

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The Avant Gardeners and the Ghost of Mark E. Smith

Here’s another reprise of the post-punk period by the Avant Gardeners from Adelaide Australia. So much like the Manchester post-punks that I almost thought Mark E. Smith had resuscitated The … Continue reading

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Prana Crafter: Mycorhizzal Brainstorm

This is the 2018 track from Prana Crafter that foreshadowed what was to come in Symbiose. This is an exquisite piece of psychedelic guitar and electronica that doesn’t get stuck … Continue reading

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Drink in this fabulous psychedelic experience of sound and vision in Symbiose. The video montage is brilliant and beautiful, consisting of layers of colorized B&W vintage film. The music is … Continue reading

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Buddhist Futures: Robot Kannon

The Buddhist future is here in Japan, as the Android Bodhisattva Kannon. I’d love to have a conversation about Buddhist robots. Robots got us beat when it comes to practicing … Continue reading

2019/08/16 · 3 Comments

Ayishat Akanbi: The Problem with Wokeness

Ayishat Akanbi of Double Down News talks about race and gender conflicts and the problem of ‘wokeness’ as a reactionary response to complex issues. The video is limited to 18+, … Continue reading

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