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Symbiosis Collective: Democracy Labs

Bottom-up Democracy: From Crisis to System Change through Dual Power  A Web Series Offered by SymbiosisOpening Webinar: Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8PM ESTSeries Topics and Registration Link at:https://www.symbiosis-revolution.org/dual-power-series/   On August … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris: the VP We Need

I support Kamala Harris as Vice President one hundred percent. As Time magazine authors Molly Ball and Charlotte Alter said: In selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, Democratic presidential … Continue reading

2020/08/14 · 1 Comment

SpaceCrone: Sorry, Cassandra

by SpaceCrone, aka Caroline Contillo Sorry, Cassandra. So, it’s definite then It’s written in the stars, darlings Everything must come to an end – Susanne Sundfør I first learned about … Continue reading

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Wilkerson: America’s Enduring Caste System

Editor: the following article by Isabel Wilkerson (July 1, 2020) (published in the New York Times Magazine and available to everyone)is an argument that in America, the amorphous category of “race” does … Continue reading

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Tang: The Dao De Jing and Digital Democracy

For those who want a deeper dive into Audrey Tang’s philosophy of digital democracy: Audrey Tang says tech can build trust, tame misinformation, and strengthen democracy. Her plan might even … Continue reading

2020/07/31 · 1 Comment

Audrey Tang: Open Digital Democracy

Audrey Tang is the first Digital Minister for the government of Taiwan. Audrey presents the key principles for an open and fully functioning democracy in the 21st century, which involves … Continue reading

2020/07/31 · 1 Comment

Blast from the Past: the Black Hole of Post Capitalism

I’m re-posting this story from July 2018 because it’s more relevant today than the day I wrote it almost to the day two years ago. Join the Resistance… https://engagedharma.net/2018/07/26/buddhist-futures…-post-capitalism/ Buddhist … Continue reading

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Blanke: Engage the Struggle Now!

Editor: I am introducing another new contributor to Engage! Henry Blanke, a Soto Zen practitioner who takes a critical and radical view of Western Buddhism. His article effectively socializes many of … Continue reading

2020/07/29 · 2 Comments

Brian Daizen Victoria: Buddhism and Violence

Editor: I am introducing a new contributor to Engage! Brian Daizen Victoria presents his essay on the uses of Buddhist Dharma to justify violence. It’s a concise and important read … Continue reading

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Psychopath In Chief: Americans Grow up with No Interior Life

Why does American Buddhism concentrate so much on meditation and the “inner experience” of the practitioner? Because of the way children are raised in America, with no concern for their … Continue reading

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