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Burma’s Democratic Moment

Editor: this is a brief but excellent article on the various political movements that have rocked Burma in recent history: Saffron Revolution, 969, genocide of Rohingya, how they relate, and … Continue reading

2021/06/05 · 1 Comment

China’s Qualms Over Burma

Engage! continues to cover the #MilkTeaAlliance and the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar. Check #whatshappeninginmyanmar on Twitter for the ongoing movement and events. The following article from Newsweek discusses China’s interests … Continue reading

2021/06/02 · 1 Comment

Burma: Women Are the Revolution

Another in the series covering the #MilkTeaAlliance, the movement for democracy in Southeast Asia. This article was originally published in TIME Magazine Myanmar’s Women Are Fighting for a New Future … Continue reading

2021/06/01 · 8 Comments

Social Revolution in Myanmar

The people of Myanmar are not just fighting against a military government. They want a complete social revolution that includes the education system. The following thread published by allies of … Continue reading

2021/05/26 · Leave a comment

The Lama and the Pimp

Editor: It causes me great pain to have to write this, but the truth has come out (yet again) about abuse and corruption at the top of the Tibetan Buddhist … Continue reading

2021/05/23 · 26 Comments

Buddhist Anarchism in Burma?

Editor: The following is an investigation into the ongoing political crisis and movement for democracy in Myanmar through the reportage of a blog, InsightMyanmar.org, written by an American Buddhist in … Continue reading

2021/05/21 · Leave a comment

Engage Dharma Podcast

Ta-Da! Engage! finally has its own podcast, Engage Dharma Podcast. You can find it at Podbean, iTunes and Spotify. You can also find the latest episodes of the podcast on … Continue reading

2021/05/16 · Leave a comment

‘Asian’ Gets Complicated

[Editor: Jan Wong, third-generation Canadian, muses on the implications of “Asian” and what that actually means to her. And makes some great recommendations for Korean Drama on Netflix.] Is Asian … Continue reading

2021/05/16 · Leave a comment

Voices of the #MilkTeaAlliance 2

[Editor: Engage! continues to cover the emerging movement for democracy in Southeast Asia. The #MilkTeaAlliance is getting almost no coverage in Western media even though it is possibly the largest … Continue reading

2021/05/14 · 1 Comment

Umbrella Revolution 2014

Please enjoy this beautiful and heartfelt video made by Rachel Chang, a student from Hong Kong who explains her role in the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution of Sept. 2014, the … Continue reading

2021/05/11 · Leave a comment


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