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New Poetry from Tony Staples

Engage! welcomes a new contributor, Tony Staples, a poet who has generously offered his work for the blog. bio: Hello Shaun: I am a 52yr old man living in the … Continue reading

2017/02/05 · Leave a comment

Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros is a pioneer in the field of avant garde music and a philosophy of music she calls “deep listening.” Her TED talk (below) explains the theory and practice … Continue reading

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Obama Opens Museum of African American History and Culture

Video: President Obama Inaugurates the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture Patrick Lynch © Darren Bradley “What we can see of this building, the towering glass, the … Continue reading

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Last Days of the Buddha: Modern Opera

The Triumph of Life: The Last Days of the Buddha, an opera by composed by Timothy Lissimore, directed by Maitreyabandhu, performed at the London Buddhist Centre, UK. This is a … Continue reading

2016/08/23 · 1 Comment

Avant-Garde Buddhism

I finally hit on what it is that I’ve been seeking in my Buddhist practice that is so missing in the usual sanghas of Buddhism-as-religion: avant-garde Buddhism. I have called … Continue reading

2016/08/22 · 4 Comments

Science Fiction w/ Buddhist Themes

Speculative fiction books with Buddhist themes: I cobbled together this list from a forum discussion saved on Reddit and Wikipedia. Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light: (1967) Buddha (Sam) battles the Hindi … Continue reading

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Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson: Buddhist Power Couple

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are not only two of my favourite  musical artists, but my favourite Buddhist power couple. They were both students of Mingyur Rinpoche. Lou was an … Continue reading

2016/06/30 · 6 Comments

John Trudell, AIM Activist, Remembered

John Trudell, a poet, musician and longtime activist for Native American rights has died in California at the age of 69. Trudell’s father was Santee Sioux, and Trudell grew up … Continue reading

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Rising Up to End Sexual Abuse in Buddhist Communities Part 1

A Five-Part Series on Sexual Exploitation in Buddhist Communities. Part 1: BPF Rising Up to End Sexual Abuse in Buddhist Communities Link to original article in BPF Turning Wheel Media: http://www.buddhistpeacefellowship.org/rising-up-to-end-sexual-abuse-in-buddhist-communities/ Video Transcript … Continue reading

2015/04/19 · 2 Comments

Vow to Poetry

Your recently released Vow to Poetry includes essays and manifestos on poetics, Buddhism, and activism. In one of the articles, “Kali Yuga Poetics,” you proclaim: “Now more than ever the poem is … Continue reading

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