The Engaged Buddhist (poem)


The Engaged Buddhist
See things as they are, no lies or delusion.
Meditate daily, clear fog and confusion.
Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.
Walk the path, even if the earth quakes.
Serve the people, being selfless the key.
Guide them with love, be fearless and free!
– Snowflake.

One thought on “The Engaged Buddhist (poem)

  1. The photo supplied by Snowflake (Tony) for his poem I think is intended to be provocative about racism. Note that the Black meditator is being arrested, and the white meditator is not (at least not yet). So even when we’re ‘fighting on the same side’, there are racialized differences among us, imposed by the white supremacist criminal justice system (which includes both black and white operatives), which confers white privilege.

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