US Anti-Trans Laws in Health, Education, Jobs

Trump Plan Would Cut Back Health Care Protections for Transgender People By ROBERT PEARAPRIL 21, 2018 originally published in NY Times Activists protesting outside the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan last year after the Trump administration cut protections for transgender people in schools. Yana Paskova for The New York Times WASHINGTON — The Trump administration says… Read More US Anti-Trans Laws in Health, Education, Jobs

A Rising Yacht Lifts All Tides

Trickle-Down Economics Must Die, Long Live Grow-Up Economics This pernicious economic myth is the idea that a rising yacht lifts all tides, or as more popularly described, “trickle-down economics.” The myth of inequality-driven economic growth and how to achieve real prosperity for all Scott Santens Jul 22, 2015 originally published at Medium New Orleans writer focused on… Read More A Rising Yacht Lifts All Tides

Dharma is Governance

To the question, ‘what is dharma?’ I have a provisional answer: dharma is governance, in the Foucauldian sense. Glenn Wallis calls it ‘the Magistrate.” It is a potent combination of power-knowledge—dharma, scripture—with discipline— meditation and thought constraints, that produces constraints on thought, speaking and behavior. For westerners, it operates as the self-governance of the Neo-liberal… Read More Dharma is Governance