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Junta Weaponizes Buddhism in Burma

The following article is from the US Institute of Peace (December 2021). It presents news and analysis about the Myanmar military Junta’s use of Buddhism to curry favor from the … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell–Dharma Dilemma 2

Last week I released the first episode and discussion of my favorite cyber punk film, Ghost in the Shell. In the first episode, I outlined the questions and existential dilemmas … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell, Dharma Dilemma

Ghost in the Shell, a film by Mamoru Oshii. (For a podcast version of this story, with music, go to Ghost in the Shell–Dharma Dilemma on Engage Dharma) I’ve been … Continue reading

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Belt, Road and Temple: China’s Buddhist Diplomacy

The following article in Himalmag (Jan. 26, 2023) by Tisaranee Gunasekara provides an in-depth analysis of the role that that hierarchy of Buddhist monks play in political affairs between Sri … Continue reading

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The Precariat: Japan’s Net Cafés

One of the critiques that came up in our recent Buddhist Peace Fellowship ‘listening groups’ was the sense that the Buddhist Left avoids talking about economic issues. In my work … Continue reading

2023/01/21 · 2 Comments

Buddhist Modernism

I consider it my mission, my job if you will, to kick off and push forward the project of Buddhist Modernism. What is Buddhist Modernism? First, it’s not the same … Continue reading

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Mudangchum Modernized

In case you haven’t noticed, dear readers, I’ve been presenting traditional Asian and Buddhist cultural forms that have been reinterpreted with modern technology and aesthetics for contemporary audiences. The point … Continue reading

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Everything Everywhere All At Once

Buddhism and The Multiverse Critics of the recent film Everything, Everywhere All At Once have remarked that this is quintessentially a film depicting Asian-American culture, the Asian worldview. And—they add—American … Continue reading

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Update: Congress Passed the BURMA Act

The Democracy for BURMA Act was included in the National Defence Authorization Act and was passed by both the House and the Senate. It goes to President Biden’s desk for … Continue reading

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Protests in Iran Continue w/o Morality Police

What Western media got wrong by claiming Iran abolished its morality police “I think it simply underscores that the global community wants a neat resolution to this story and is … Continue reading

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