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Engage Dharma Podcast

Ta-Da! Engage! finally has its own podcast, Engage Dharma Podcast. You can find it at Podbean, iTunes and Spotify. You can also find the latest episodes of the podcast on … Continue reading

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‘Asian’ Gets Complicated

[Editor: Jan Wong, third-generation Canadian, muses on the implications of “Asian” and what that actually means to her. And makes some great recommendations for Korean Drama on Netflix.] Is Asian … Continue reading

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Voices of the #MilkTeaAlliance 2

[Editor: Engage! continues to cover the emerging movement for democracy in Southeast Asia. The #MilkTeaAlliance is getting almost no coverage in Western media even though it is possibly the largest … Continue reading

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Umbrella Revolution 2014

Please enjoy this beautiful and heartfelt video made by Rachel Chang, a student from Hong Kong who explains her role in the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution of Sept. 2014, the … Continue reading

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Nehru and Buddhist Modernism

I’ve been reading about a famous mid-twentieth century Indian Buddhist who was deeply involved in the founding of independent India. No not, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar—Jawahalarl Nehru, the First Prime … Continue reading

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Voices of the #MilkTeaAlliance

This video is a panel of young media and democracy activists from Southeast Asia—Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand—talking about the history of the #MilkTeaAlliance, the movement’s development and goals, and … Continue reading

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Lama Rod: Are You Woke?

ARE YOU WOKE? BY LAMA ROD OWENS, originally published at The Reuben Museum. The work of wokeness is not what you think So many people are woke these days. Not … Continue reading

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Hard Time for Toxic Masculinity

Editor: the next two articles present alternate points of view on how to address social justice issues. The first article is from a man in prison who identifies the root … Continue reading

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Burma, Buddhism and the Junta

Wai Yan Tun #MilkTeaAlliance One of the most difficult issues for Buddhism and the MTA (Milk Tea Alliance), yet also the most promising, is the impact of the movement for … Continue reading

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Milk Tea and Democracy #2

I have begun investigating the growth of the Milk Tea Alliance (#MilkTeaAlliance), a youth-led pan-Asian pro-democracy movement in Southeast Asian countries. This movement now includes ten countries. It started as … Continue reading

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