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Tsultrim Yarda: Open Source Dharma

Open Source the Shambhala Dharma The following is the letter of explanation for a petition to the Board of Directors of Shambhala International. The petition was started by Tsultrim Yarda, … Continue reading

2020/01/23 · 2 Comments

Climate Change is Changing Us

We’re not going to stop climate change; climate change is going to stop us. What needs to change is not just the externals: the transition from a fossil-fuel based economy … Continue reading

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Tahlia: the World Beyond the Temple

[Editor: The following is an excerpt from a post at Tahlia’s blog, Beyond the Temple] Climate Change: The Challenge of the Decade JANUARY 16, 2020 BY TAHLIA I have lots … Continue reading

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Pema Chodron Says ‘Enough’

January 16, 2020 – 3:32 pm | Originally published in Shambhala Times Community Newsletter |Permalink | Dear Shambhala Community- This is a letter that Ani Pema Chödrön sent recently to … Continue reading

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Nick Cave’s Ghosteen

Nick Cave’s latest album, Ghosteen, is a eulogy for his 15-year-old son Arthur who died after falling from the Ovingdean Gap near Brighton, England. The last song on the double … Continue reading

2020/01/16 · 1 Comment

The Hurricane in Your Cereal Bowl

Philosopher Timothy Morton, who contributed a chapter to the book on Buddhist philosophy called Nothing, takes on the climate crisis from his unique perspective. Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh coined the … Continue reading

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After Buddhism: Finding Joy and Fulfillment of Purpose

Another great post by Tahlia from Beyond the Temple on following your inner guru to joy and fulfillment of purpose! Everything she says in this article is exactly what I’ve … Continue reading

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Beyond the Temple-Finding the Inner Guru

Tahlia Newland of Beyond the Temple blog and Living in Peace and Clarity vlog relates how she came to realize that all she needed for her spiritual life was already … Continue reading

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Richard Blanco-How to Love a Country

Queer Theory Collective-an LGBTIQ readers & writers group at Root & Press Café QTC Review: Richard Blanco’s How to Love a Country (March 2019; Beacon Press) by Shaun Bartone How … Continue reading

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Drukpa Nuns: Kung Fu and Women’s Rights

Kung Fu Nuns in Nepal boost their health in the fight for women’s rights By Sandee LaMotte, CNN.  Fri December 20, 2019 “I learned I can do anything a man can … Continue reading

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