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Buddhist Futures: Life in the Back Loop

The devastation of global civilization, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, though temporary, is becoming both visible and visceral to as all. The following article by Stephanie Wakefield, written in 2017 … Continue reading

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Nick Cave on the Lockdown

ROBIN MURRAY / NEWS (/NEWS-0) / 05 · 04 · 2020 Nick Cave’s Thoughts On Coronvavirus Lockdown Are Truly Beautiful “In isolation, we will be presented with our essence…” Nick … Continue reading

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Mahar, Buddhist and Dalit: Religious Conversion and Sociopolitical Emancipation

For those interested in contemporary studies of Ambedkar Buddhism in India, Mahar and Dalit Buddhism, I highly recommend this study published in 2005: Mahar,, Buddhist and Dalit,: Religious conversion and … Continue reading

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Buddhist Futures-Love in the Time of Coronavirus

We are approaching what I call the Buddhist Spring 2020. It is a movement to replace hierarchal Neo-liberal Buddhist institutions with communal anarchism and democracy. The series of Buddhist leader … Continue reading

2020/03/25 · 1 Comment

Andre J. Bodhisattva of Beauty

“I was put on this earth to be a bodhisattva, to just glow, emanate love, respect, peace, pizzazz.” Andre J. “I Am Just So Glad You Are Alive”: New Perspectives on … Continue reading

2020/02/24 · 2 Comments

Tsultrim Yarda: Open Source Dharma

Open Source the Shambhala Dharma The following is the letter of explanation for a petition to the Board of Directors of Shambhala International. The petition was started by Tsultrim Yarda, … Continue reading

2020/01/23 · 2 Comments

Climate Change is Changing Us

We’re not going to stop climate change; climate change is going to stop us. What needs to change is not just the externals: the transition from a fossil-fuel based economy … Continue reading

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Tahlia: the World Beyond the Temple

[Editor: The following is an excerpt from a post at Tahlia’s blog, Beyond the Temple] Climate Change: The Challenge of the Decade JANUARY 16, 2020 BY TAHLIA I have lots … Continue reading

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Pema Chodron Says ‘Enough’

January 16, 2020 – 3:32 pm | Originally published in Shambhala Times Community Newsletter |Permalink | Dear Shambhala Community- This is a letter that Ani Pema Chödrön sent recently to … Continue reading

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Nick Cave’s Ghosteen

Nick Cave’s latest album, Ghosteen, is a eulogy for his 15-year-old son Arthur who died after falling from the Ovingdean Gap near Brighton, England. The last song on the double … Continue reading

2020/01/16 · 1 Comment


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