Digital Fascism: China’s Big Brother

Human Rights Watch  May 1, 2019 China’s Algorithms of Repression Reverse Engineering a Xinjiang Police Mass Surveillance App A Xinjiang Police College webpage shows police officers collecting information from villagers in Kargilik (or Yecheng) County in Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang. Source: Xinjiang Police College website Summary May 1, 2019 China: How Mass Surveillance Works in Xinjiang ‘Reverse… Read More Digital Fascism: China’s Big Brother

Shambhala Admin of 31 Years Resigns

Editor: I wish the rest of the Shambhala Admin had the integrity and the courage that this woman has and just resigned from their positions. The Buddhist Spring is coming. Katrin Stelzel’s Letter of resignation and departure from Shambhala Community – Joint Managing Director of Shambhala Europe/Mukpo Family European Secretary/Transition Task Force Member/Representative of European… Read More Shambhala Admin of 31 Years Resigns

Declaring a Buddhist Spring: 1st Conference on Buddhist Anarchism

DECLARING A BUDDHIST SPRING: 2020 I am just utterly fed up with Buddhist authoritarianism, with narcissists disguised as gurus and ‘authoritative’ teachers, with hierarchies and one-ups-manship. I’m fed up with non-profit corporate boards that act as secret societies and gatekeepers, as ‘yes men’ that protect corrupt leaders. I’m fed up with the exploitation of sangha… Read More Declaring a Buddhist Spring: 1st Conference on Buddhist Anarchism

Xander Fraum: Contrapoints on Beauty

Today Engage! introduces Xander Fraum and his response to Natalie Wynne, aka “Contrapoints”, on the subject of “Beaty” in a transgender and feminist context. The video is posted so that you can see what Fraum is responding to. Engage! has featured Natalie Wynne’s videos in previous posts. Xander Fraum: “An Existentialist-Buddhist Response to Contrapoints”. I’m… Read More Xander Fraum: Contrapoints on Beauty