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Symbiosis Collective: Democracy Labs

Bottom-up Democracy: From Crisis to System Change
through Dual Power
 A Web Series Offered by Symbiosis
Opening Webinar: Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8PM ESTSeries Topics and Registration Link at:
 On August 24th the Symbiosis Political Education working group will launch a webinar series we have been developing this spring and summer called Bottom-up Democracy: From Crisis to System Change through Dual Power. We hope every Symbiosis member and partner organization will organize to have members participate, perhaps as a rotating team, across each of the webinars. We are also sending this invitation to other networks; all are welcome to participate free of cost. Please invite others in your own networks to participate using this email and/or the below flyer. 
 About the Series
COVID-19 has exposed tremendous gaps in social, economic, and governance systems upending our daily experience of living and working. Communities have offered an active response to the crisis with autonomous and decentralized mutual aid efforts rising to address neglected and unmet needs. Arundhati Roy names this pandemic a portal, opening a path for us to uproot unjust, unsustainable conditions within our current society and mobilize movements for transformative systemic change. Protests of the police killing of George Floyd have swept the US and further exposed the unjust and crushing gaps and inequities of our current systems, especially regarding policing of Black communities.
Join us for our 9-webinar series: Bottom-up Democracy: From Crisis to System Change through Dual Power. The series offers a space for those wanting to shift or deepen their current organizing lens towards more transformative power building and systems change. You will learn about emergent initiatives rooted in social justice, economic solidarity, and collective self-determination, from mutual aid to tenant organizing to municipal governance and more. We will consider how these initiatives and those of attendees can simultaneously continue to protest injustice, meet immediate needs, build grassroots people power, and begin to establish counter institutions capable of challenging and ultimately supplanting existing systems (the strategy known as “dual power”).

Editor: I’m a member of Symbiosis Collective and I’m very interested in their notion of ‘dual power’: (1) building democratic networks from the grassroots up; (2) and scaling up those networks to larger regional levels, (3) thus forming a counter-power, counter-governance to the current system

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