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Kamala Harris: the VP We Need

I support Kamala Harris as Vice President one hundred percent.

As Time magazine authors Molly Ball and Charlotte Alter said:

In selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden did more than make history by putting the first Black woman and first Asian-American on a major national ticket. He all but anointed an heir, positioning Harris as the future standard bearer of a party in transition. (Ball, Alter, Time, Aug. 11, 2020)

But more than that, Harris is the Vice President we didn’t know we needed. We need a tough Prosecutor to do the job that no one else has had the guts to do: clean up the Federal Government.

Harris also sought to convince voters that her experience uniquely qualified her to prosecute the case against Trump. “This guy has completely trampled on the rule of law, avoided consequence and accountability under law,” she told TIME in a September 2019 interview. “For all the shit people give me for being a prosecutor, listen. I believe there should be accountability and consequence.” (Ball, Alter, Time, Aug. 11, 2020)

Harris’ experience as a tough Prosecutor is exactly what this country needs to restore Law and Order, not to the streets, but to the Federal Government. Harris’ job will be to purge the government of corruption, to prosecute and expel self-dealing criminals who have invaded the Federal departments and civil service. Lawlessness in government began with Trump, but he spread it to every branch of his administration. Lawlessness and political cronyism has hog-tied the Dept of Justice. Restoring a functioning justice system in that department will require someone from outside the department to wield the axe. Harris is Durga, welding every weapon in her possession to defeat lawlessness. Look out, Trumpsters, Durga is coming, and karma’s a bitch.

One comment on “Kamala Harris: the VP We Need

  1. garyhorvitz

    Yes. Durga the Invincible!

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