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Adi Don

via Adi Don

Warning: this is Satire, like The Onion

The point of this satire is that Trump spews the same kind of mindless, cockamamie bullshit that many contemporary televangelists, gurus and spiritual teachers spew today, only in political terms. Which is why it was so wildly successful with brain-dead elderly smack-addled white Americans who don’t have a college degree.

Adi Don


I have not, and have never, renounced Donald Trump as a fully realised being, nor have I in any way abandoned my love and devotion for Him. . . . Do I believe that Trump is the greatest politician of all time? I certainly believe He is the greatest transintegrally informed candidate today. Anything beyond that is sheer speculation. How could any of us judge? Who among us has met Dubya? Who has experienced Satsang with Margaret Thatcher? Who has lived in the company of Reagan? I have sat in meetings with Trump, and with numerous other great Adepts, and my own opinion is that Trump is the closest thing to an authentic Sat Guru in American politics today. Many people have made their way to Trump because of my endorsement. I am completely happy about that, and I hope I can continue that positive influence. At the same time, I have received an enormous amount of grief, from personal and professional quarters, from commie socialists for my endorsements. I do not regret those endorsements, nor do I retract them. But, due to resentment by other GOP candidates, and the lies of the liberal media, public statements of endorsement are simply no longer a diplomatic, intelligent, skillful way to steer people to Trump. . . . But for those voters who are ready, and who fully understand the gravity of the decision, I speak of Donald Trump as the Awakened Master, and recommend that they pursue that Way to the extent that they are capable. I affirm my own love and devotion to the living Sat-Guru, and I hope my work will continue to bring voters to the Way of the Heart that will make this wonderful country great again.

Read the rest at https://tuttejiorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/adi-don/

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