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Complete Movements: XR Spring Uprising

I’ve written a couple of articles on creating a ‘Complete Culture’ of Buddhism and the need for a multi-faceted movement. (Lead to Life will be next–stay tuned).

Here’s #XR’s Spring Rebellion, with music, art, dance, skill workshops, political and ecological education, networking, fun play, everything you would need to create a new society. If our movements looked more like this, like the kind of societies we want to live in, then more people would come.

As it is, our movements are more like jobs that you have to go to: show up at a certain place at a certain time to do a certain kind of work (protest), get in line, march to wherever you’re going, stand there baking in the sun while someone on stage yammers on for 15 minutes.

Or its like some involuntary church service that you feel obliged to attend where you perform your duties as a ‘true believer’ respectfully.

These job-like movements aren’t going to inspire people to do anything. We need to involve as many people possible to create the society that we want to have right on the ground where people are, each one contributing their most creative efforts, what they love to do and what they do best. Artist and musicians, teachers and story-tellers, crafters and engineers, cooks and camp leaders, all creating the new society we want together. Now.

Spring Uprising - Extinction Rebellion.jpg


Spring Uprising - Extinction Rebellion 2.jpg


Spring Uprising - Extinction Rebellion 3.jpg

Spring Uprising - Extinction Rebellion 4.jpg


Spring Uprising - Extinction Rebellion 5.jpg



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