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#XR: 7 Days of Ritual Jan. 1-7-19

This is a chance to combine ritual practice and radical action in a profoundly moving way.



The Protect and Honour Life Campaign invites the global XR movement to organize events demonstrating our personal and collective commitment to protect and honour the Foundations of Life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Biodiversity, Climate and the Web of Life. 

Each day will be dedicated to one of the foundations. For each foundation, individuals and groups are invited to offer local and/or online events – meditations, ceremonies, art, sacred activism, webinars, solutions and more. 

The Protect and Honour Life Campaign offers a life-affirming and regenerative complement to the current focus of nonviolent action that highlights the failure of our political and economic systems and our ecocidal trajectory. 

The Protect and Honour Campaign aligns with and builds on a worldwide event called 7 Days of Rest and Reflection – the 2nd annual co-creative event dedicated to the healing of the planet and all its inhabitants. This global event is already supported by many international partners from diverse sectors. (See video)

It is suggested that individuals, groups and events sign up through the 7 Days of Rest website in order to help the global community to unify, and for relevant communications about the global evolution of the event to reach all participants – however this is not essential. The primary goal is for us to unite and self-organize in reflection, intention and action for the protection and healing of the planet and all its inhabitants.

protect and honour earth xr.jpgprotect and honour water- xr.jpgprotect and honour Fire 2 xr.jpgprotect and honour AIR 2 xr.jpgprotect and honour Climate xr.jpgprotect and honour biodiversity xr.jpgprotect and honour the web of Life xr.jpg



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