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Help Empower The Socially Discriminated In India

[Note: this photo is a bit of a distortion: Nagaloka educates as many women as men.]

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Dear Friends,

Nagaloka, based at Nagpur, India, trains and nurtures youth from socially discriminated backgrounds from all over India so that they can become free of the material and psychological obstacles to their full participation in a caste free society as envisioned by Dr. Ambedkar. Its main activity is an eight month residential training programme in which students learn basic Buddhst teachings and practices, the work of Dr. B.R . AMbedkar, and elementary social work.‘Nagaloka also provides skill development programmes for interested alumni, support for those who pursue higher studies, and intermittent retreats to help their personal empowerment furhter and workshops to increase their capacity and understanding with regard to social workNagaloka raises funds to support the food, accommodation, health monitoring and teaching for 150 students every year.

The funds donated will be used for the following purposes:

  • Students’ food expenses for the eight month training programme.
  • Accommodation costs (beds, pillows, bed sheets and blankets.
  • Classroom requirements t ables, chairs, stationery, reference books, etc.
  • Organising workshops, retreats and conferences

Your contribution can help empower these young people so that they can play their full part in creating a truly egalitarian India.

Thank you in advance for your support!!

Dhammachari Lokamitra


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