Monthly Meditation Cancelled Due to Work on New Buddhist Temple

Note to Readers: I’ve been keeping this under the radar, but the wonderful news is that the Atlantic Theravada Buddhist Society has purchased a church at 817 Herring Cove Rd. Halifax, NS. They are renovating the church to make it suitable as a Buddhist Vihara or Temple. I have been told that the new Vihara should be ready to open sometime late November or early December. You can read about the Renovation project and how you can support the new Temple at their website:

LogoDear All,

This e-mail is to inform you that our fifth meditation lesson on 30th October has to be cancelled. Bhante Sirinanda is currently busy with the renovation project of our newly acquired Buddhist Temple located at 817 Herring Cove Road.
We look forward to our next meditation lesson on 27th November at 6.30 pm.

With Metta,

Atlantic Buddhist Cultural and Meditation Centre


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