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Compassion Can Change the World

Members of the Compassionate Karachi Team are working to gather 1,000,000 signatures for compassion.
Living a truly ethical life in which we look to putting the needs of others first, and providing for their happiness, has tremendous implications for our society.  If we change internally—disarm ourselves by cutting to the root of our negative emotions—we can literally change the world.                                                                         ~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Imagine a world where everyone is committed to living by the principle of compassion.  What could that mean for the more than seven billion people that now share the planet? Hidden behind the constant media barrage of violence, conflict, and sensationalism, we know that individuals, families, and communities throughout the globe very much desire a world of greater compassion.  In fact, billions of people are doing the best they can to live and act with compassion every day.  Now, more than ever before, it is possible—and indeed, urgently necessary—to tap into that desire and to build a vast interconnected network of compassion among the peoples of the Earth.


At the Charter for Compassion International, our purpose is to empower real, concrete compassionate action among individuals, organizations, and communities across the globe to reduce suffering at all levels. Imagine the impact of vast numbers of people linking arms and bringing compassion to life. Reaching beyond their own lives to bring compassion to their interactions with families, business, education, healthcare, religious and spiritual practices, the arts, scientific research, social services, restorative justice, peace and non-violence groups, and an awareness of the environment.  Connecting, providing tools, and empowering all of these dedicated people will bring about a compassionate global community.  That is the vision and commitment of the Charter for Compassion International.

Compassion can change the world, and The Charter for Compassion International needs your help in spreading the word throughout the world.  Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for your consideration and generosity

As members of a common humanity, all under threat from world climate change, we call on you to instruct your staff who are organising the UN Climate Conference  (COP20 and CMP10) in Lima in December:

to make the Charter of Compassion the point of principle from which all negotiations should start;

to call on the chairmen of each session of the negotiations to read out the Declaration at the start of the session, and to make reference to it regularly whenever the discussion strays away from those principles;
to call on national, international and institutional delegates to sign the declaration and adhere to its principles, whilst negotiating agreements internationally, and to oblige all public functionaries to do the same.

This petition has been started by one of our Charter members, Michael Allen. Click here to read the full petition.

A C T I O N   A L E R T

Call for Proposals for the Charter Track at the Parliament of the World’s Religions

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and Karen Armstrong Kenotes at the Parliament

The Charter for Compassion is one of the sponsors of the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions to be held October 15-19, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Charter will have a track throughout the conference.  We are looking for 10 presentations throughout the event and are now soliciting proposals.

Three Critical Issues for the Parliament are: 1) Climate Change and Care for Creation; 2) War, Violence and Hate Speech; and 3)The Widening Wealth Gap and Wasteful Consumption
Three Focused Constituencies of 2015 Parliament are these: 1) Indigenous Communities, 2) Youth, and 3)Women.

Learn more about proposal guidelines.  Please submit your proposal to the Charter.

Join thousands of faith and interfaith leaders and activists from more than 80 countries, representing more than 50 faith and spiritual traditions in this transformational event. The Parliament is the summit of interfaith networks. Join in for five days of listening, sharing, practical insight, training and networking.  Early registration is extended to December 10, 2014.

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