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HBC Buddhism and Race Conference

Harvard Buddhist Community recording of a conference on Race and Racism within a Buddhist context. Great discussion, please watch!

2016/11/26 · 2 Comments

Millbrook First Nation Water Symposium

‘Mother Earth has been crying out and nobody has been listening’ By Elizabeth McMillan, CBC News Posted: Oct 11, 2016 11:00 AM AT Rosalie Labillois, 19, is taking part in the Mi’kmaki Water … Continue reading

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Baltimore School Replaces Detention with Meditation and Yoga

September 22, 2016 By James Gaines This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning. Imagine you’re working at a school and one of the kids is starting to act up. … Continue reading

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Healing from Toxic Whiteness Workshop

Sandra Kim’s free online workshop on “Healing from Toxic Whiteness to Better Fight for Racial Justice” is based on her basic method for Compassionate Activism, modified and expanded for helping white … Continue reading

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Sandra Kim: Compassionate Activism

http://www.compassionateactivism.com/webinars In this webinar, Sandra Kim shares the most critical aspect of the Compassionate Activism model that teaches how to respond to everyday oppression with love and justice. You learn: … Continue reading

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Rising Up to End Sexual Abuse in Buddhist Communities Part 1

A Five-Part Series on Sexual Exploitation in Buddhist Communities. Part 1: BPF Rising Up to End Sexual Abuse in Buddhist Communities Link to original article in BPF Turning Wheel Media: http://www.buddhistpeacefellowship.org/rising-up-to-end-sexual-abuse-in-buddhist-communities/ Video Transcript … Continue reading

2015/04/19 · 2 Comments

Hartz: Some Notes On Buddhist & Marxist Dialectics

Today I am very glad to introduce Jim Hartz as a regular contributor to Engage! Jim is an author, teacher and lifelong student of Chögyam Trungpa. Jim teaches ‘Buddhism without … Continue reading

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Payam Akhavan: B’Hai Human Rights Jurist on Empathy, Interdependence

Last night I listened to the CBC broadcast of Payam Akhavan’s speech on his work as a war crimes investigator for the UN, and as a jurist at the Int’l … Continue reading

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The 14-Year-Old Voice of the Climate Change Generation

December 5, 2014 by Jordan McCurdy This post first appeared at In These Times. ‘This problem is happening so humanity can come together, rebuild, reconnect, recreate and rebirth a new world.’ … Continue reading

2015/01/05 · Leave a comment

Teachers, Not Gurus

I learn from teachers. I refuse to follow gurus. Modern history is replete with accounts of gurus and spiritual communities that are rife with sexual abuse; drug and alcohol abuse; … Continue reading

2015/01/03 · 2 Comments


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