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Radical Faeries: Modern Day Siddhas

[Developing story: I will be expanding on this article over the next little while, eventually to become part of a book on tantric Buddhism as engaged practice.]

Danielle Levitt, photographer, shot the photos of the Radical Faeries of NYC. Go to Daniell’s website below to see a video of the faeries he photographed.


Definitively speaking, The Radical Faeries (also Faeries and Fae) are a loosely-affiliated, worldwide network and counter-cultural movement seeking to reject hetero-imitation and redefine queer identity through spirituality. Figuratively speaking they are a group of the most creative, energetic, and mystical men Danielle has ever had the chance to photograph. Their chameleon aesthetic alone was enough to wow for hours. Couple that with their intensely positive nature, and this shoot was truly one of the most unique of Danielle’s journey.

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For a description of the history and religious culture of the siddhas, see my early article in Engage! 


The Sadhus of India and Nepal are the contemporary siddhas in the Hindu tradition.


About the Faeries

The faeries are a bunch of fags and other queer folk who are finding ways to know ourselves and each other (same thing) in deeper and deeper ways. We meet in circles and in gatherings and in sanctuaries where we can come to know each other face to face. In our explorations we…

do rituals
create communities
go to gatherings
do drag
have heart circles
make love
have sex
dance naked
honor our dead
share visions
search for meaning
care for the sick
protect the earth
cook together
make art
tend gardens
make bonfires
watch the stars
commit heresies
cover each other with mud
exchange frocks and makeup tips
attempt anarchy
help each other out

2 comments on “Radical Faeries: Modern Day Siddhas

  1. Lisa C

    I fucking love radical faeries.

  2. roughgarden

    me too; I have been on the fringes of the Rad Fae movement since 1996 when I was living in Brooklyn, NY. I haven’t had much contact with them since I left the States to live in Canada, except through websites. I have ‘rediscovered’ them through tantric Buddhism and the Buddhist Siddha tradition.

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