Call the Fossil Fuel Industry what it is: Global Genocide

SandyDestroy_660The fossil fuel industry knows full well that their product is causing the sickness and death of people everywhere that oil, gas and coal are being mined, shipped and burned. They also know full well that their industry is the leading cause of global environmental destruction and climate change. They know full well that the climate scientists are right, that the planet is warming at the fastest rate in geologic time and that it’s caused by capitalist(1) forms of production, that the IPCC reports, alarming as they are, are subtly underestimating the true horror and destruction of global climate change.  The fossil fuel industry knows full well the kind and severity of the damage they are doing and the deaths they are causing. Yet they continue to ramp up production of new forms of extreme energy—tar sands, coal strip mining, shale gas and oil fracking—that are ever more sickening, polluting and deadly to humans and life on the planet. That means that the fossil fuel industry is committing an act of global genocide.


And every time you get in your car to drive some place that you could have walked, biked or bussed; and every time you get on a jet and fly off to some place that you don’t even need to go, you are collaborating in this act of global genocide. By this point, we all know full well what we are doing by burning fossil fuels, and the death and destruction it causes. No one is innocent. We are all participating in the global genocide. We have to stop this now.

(1) By capitalist, I mean the exploitation of nature and labour for the production of wealth and power for the few at the expense of the many and the environment. By this definition, production in the historic USSR and in present day China are also capitalist forms of production.


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