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Why I am not a Communist or a Capitalist

[Editor: I wrote this in April 2021 and for some reason, never published it. Forgot perhaps? But it’s still relevant.] Why I am not a Communist or a Capitalist–and why … Continue reading

2022/11/04 · 2 Comments

Buddhist Futures:The Next Buddha Will Be a Collective

By Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation Spiritual expression, and the religious organizational formats in which context it will take place, is always embedded in a social structure. For example, we could … Continue reading

2017/03/03 · Leave a comment

The Burden of the New Story

Bayo Akomolafe Bayo is globally recognized for his poetic, unconventional, counterintuitive, and indigenous take on global crisis, civic action and social change, and was recently enlisted as the recipient of … Continue reading

2017/01/16 · 1 Comment

BodhGaia: Dharmaecology and the Eco-Evolutionary Story

http://engagedbuddhism.net/bodhgaia-dharmaecology/ BodhGaia is the story of awakening to the dharma of evolution, ecology and cosmic spirituality. “Dharma” is not just the teachings of the Buddha and the writings of the … Continue reading

2017/01/15 · Leave a comment

Spirituality is a Whole Brain Phenomenon

Non-Self and Spiritual Experience are a Natural Result of Shifting Brain Function It’s my opinion, based on my experience, that an increase in capacity for non-dogmatic spiritual experience is concomitant … Continue reading

2016/12/16 · 1 Comment

Althusser and the Ideology of Buddhism

Matthew over at Post-Traditional Buddhism is running a great series on Non-Buddhism, and Buddhism as ideology. https://posttraditionalbuddhism.com/2016/12/07/warming-up-with-non-buddhism/ [To Matthew ] I’m interested in following up on your invitation to explore … Continue reading

2016/12/10 · 5 Comments

In My Tribe: Confessions of a Post-Buddhist Dissident

Many of us who began to practice Buddhism as adults came with certain expectations of what Buddhism was about and what it could do for us. And likewise, once we … Continue reading

2016/11/13 · Leave a comment

Lama Rod Owens: The Work of Diversity: Getting Messy, Getting Uncomfortable

[Editor: The following interview with Lama Rod Owen was published in Insight Journal, a monthly publication  of the Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies in Barre, Massachusetts. There is no author … Continue reading

2016/10/30 · Leave a comment

Freed from [re]Birth: The Evolution of Consciousness

This is a continuation of my contemplation of the traditional Buddhist doctrine on pratityasamutpada, the chain of dependent origination, karma and rebirth. Part 1, Pratityasamutpada: The Evolution of Evolution is … Continue reading

2016/10/06 · 1 Comment

Foucault, Derrida and Buddhism

I’m excited about a great new book that’s just out in 2016: Edwin Ng’s Buddhism and Cultural Studies: A Profession of Faith. This is a critical contribution to Buddhist social … Continue reading

2016/10/05 · Leave a comment


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