Mindfulness, NBA Style

Ok, so we’ve now gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. So now you can use mindfulness to pretend to be an NBA rock star like Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant. American Buddhism par excellence. What’s going on here? Did Tricycle just suddenly jump on the corporate Buddhism bandwagon? Or maybe the article on “white trash buddhist” was  just too real and hard-hitting? Did they alienate some of their upper middle class readership?

Tuesday November 11, 7-9pmThe Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being
19 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018
Be the best. Play the best. But are you good for the team?Join mindfulness teacher Sharon Salzberg in dialogue with NBA meditation coach and sports psychology consultant George Mumford, credited for turning around the game of such basketball greats as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Mumford played a key role in developing the balance of individual aspiration and team effort that earned the Bulls and Lakers multiple world championships. Find out the secrets behind his unconventional approach to greatness.Visit www.tricycle.com/whatsenough for further information and to buy tickets. Seats are limited, so don’t delay!

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