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Update: Congress Passed the BURMA Act

The Democracy for BURMA Act was included in the National Defence Authorization Act and was passed by both the House and the Senate. It goes to President Biden’s desk for signature. The Burma Act supports the grassroots movement for democracy and human rights in Myanmar.

From Simon Billenness, Int’l Campaign for the Rohingya:

Originally introduced in both the Senate (S.2937) and the House (H.R.5497), the BURMA Act provides crucial U.S. support for the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar. The BURMA Act will not only sanction and hold accountable the Myanmar military, but also provide support to Burmese civil society and much needed humanitarian assistance directly to the Myanmar people. 

Earlier this month, we woke up to horrific reports that Burmese military jets bombed a music festival in Kachin state in northern Myanmar, killing at least eighty people. Artists, musicians and families were there. And the Myanmar military sent warplanes to bomb it.

When the Myanmar junta commits atrocities, we respond immediately to hold them accountable. You are one of over 20,000 people in the United States who has taken action to lobby Congress or pressure companies that support the Burmese junta. Together, we can end the Burmese army’s brutal and corrupt rule.

We must keep up our struggle to end the Myanmar military’s atrocities. Today would you make a gift to support our work in 2023?

We are now over 600,000 people strong. Next year, we aim to:

  • use the passage of the BURMA Act to successfully press the Biden Administration to cut the flow of oil company money to the Myanmar military and curb sales of aviation fuel to the Burmese air force;
  • put direct pressure on companies, such as Chevron and Cloudflare, to end their support of the Myanmar military; and
  • increase the international assistance and support for the National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG) and Burmese civil society.

We have done this before. And, with your support in 2023, we can do this again.

Stay informed with these news sources

Check out – and follow – the Facebook page of our key ally in Myanmar, the Blood Money Campaign

Subscribe to Frontier Myanmar’s excellent daily coverage from inside the country.

Check out the daily news at Myanmar Now

Listen to the podcasts at Insight Myanmar

Read the analysis at Progressive Voice Myanmar

Justice For Myanmar works incognito inside Myanmar to research the Myanmar military’s business empire and exposes its domestic and foreign business partners

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