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Sri Lanka: Voices of the People 2

As I began to investigate the situation in Sri Lanka, I wasn’t sure that there was the same kind of profound social revolution that is happening in Myanmar. The Burmese are working for a total social revolution from the ground up. They want to transform education, labor, gender relations, gay rights, equal rights and representation for all religious and ethnic minorities. Well it seems there are some young people in Sri Lanka who are fighting for the same.

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 The Gay-me of Love

This is a Warning. The End is Near.


I was born in a country that had a 30-year ethnic civil war- a country that still has extreme ethnic discrimination.

I was born in a country that has a near ban on abortion. A country that lacks women representation.

I was born in a country that criminalizes same-sex sexual activity for a 10 year prison sentence, let alone same-sex marriage.

I was born in Sri Lanka. A country of vast corruption. 2nd highest in enforced disappearances, just behind Syria. A country where a single family can have all of the power, and drive it to the ground.

When I was 8, January 2016, I flew across the sea, the land, and through the skies- to the United States of America.

I warn you Americans. Fight for black rights, even if you are not black. Fight for women’s rights, even if you are a man. Fight for gay rights, even if you are straight. Why? Because if you don’t, they’ll come for you too.

I’m just 15, but I’ve seen a country go from the “pearl of the Indian Ocean” to the blackhole of Asia.

Do not, by any means, “stand back and stand by”. For the land of the great will become the land of hate. For the home of the free, there will be a prison for the imprisoned.

The United States has one more thing in common with Sri Lanka: less protections on abortion rights and an increase in gender discrimination.

Tyranny has similar patterns. Those patterns are repeating in the United States. We as a people must stop this pattern. Before it is too late.

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