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Karmapa Redoubt: Fake Monk

Dear Readers: You may remember from a few months ago the controversy over the 17th Karmapa and allegations that, during a retreat at his center in upstate New York, he had nonconsensual sexual relations with a Canadian female student, Vikki Hui Xin Han, that resulted in her pregnancy and the birth of a daughter. During the course of their continued relationship, the Karmapa agreed to pay child support for her daughter. She attempted to sue the Karma for continued child support and spousal support in a court in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and she won her case. The Judge ruled that she had the right and legal standing to pursue support for herself as she demonstrated that she had been in a ‘spousal’ relationship with the Karmapa. In case you forgot the details of that case, I am posting the story by Jason Proctor in the Canadian Broadcasting Company on May 19, 2021.

If in fact the child of Vikki Hui was not his, all the Karmapa had to do was have the Court order a paternity test. That would have ended the whole affair. It seems that the Karmapa hasn’t done that yet, and he seems to have accepted financial responsibility for the child (see CBC article).

Later in 2021, two other women, Jane Huang from Taiwan and Wu Hang Yee from Hong Kong, claimed that they were also subjected to unwanted sexual attention by the Karmapa, a story that I also posted in this blog. One of the women, Jane Huang, claimed that she was ‘groomed’ by Dzongsar Khyentse to acquiesce to the Karmapa’s sexual demands. The woman sued in court for that harassment and won her case. Notably, although she won the case, she did not ask for, or receive, any compensation, challenging the assertion that she was only pursuing the case for the money.

image from 4-hour YouTube video “the truth about allegations against the 17th Karmapa…”

The update on this story is that I have been contact by someone named ‘SD’ by email, and informed that there were “new revelations” that might change my mind about the Karmapa and the women’s stories. These “new revelations” come in the form of a 4-hour YouTube video (grab your popcorn, cause this gets really good) that supposedly lays out all the evidence that everything these three women have said is a lie, and moreover, a conspiracy orchestrated and paid for by the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, (minute 7:00 to 8:43), a sinister organization in Taiwan whose mission is to destroy the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism. In one shot of a diagram of this supposed ‘conspiracy’, this organization is labeled the “evil backstage manipulator.” The video also purports that the women hatched this conspiracy encouraged by the #MeToo movement.

I have watched three hours of this nearly four-hour social media extravaganza. I can’t believe I have to waste my time on this shit, but I figured I would be fair and give the supporters their due, watch the video, and then post it here, so you, Dear Reader, have an opportunity to hear their side of the story. To sum it up, this four-hour video is a garbled mess of screen shots of tweets, Skype calls, social media posts and text messages by these three women and their associates, supposedly exposing their conspiracy to defraud the Karmapa of “ten million dollars”, an amount frequently repeated throughout the video.

There is no account of how the producers of this media circus got a hold of all this social media, including text messages and calls from supposedly private phones. Moreover, they have lined all this up to present some sort of story that all of these tweets, texts, messages, images, posts and phone calls are either fakes designed to incriminate the Karmapa, or reveal that the three women lied and conspired together.

There is no way to verify whether any of the assertions, texts or images in this YouTube video are themselves real or fake, true or false. I challenge you, Dear Reader, to watch even the first half hour of this mess and see if it makes any sense to you as ‘proof’ of this conspiracy, proof that would supersede the decision of a trial court. (BTW, I happened to be a lawyer, so I take these issues very seriously.)

2 comments on “Karmapa Redoubt: Fake Monk

  1. Travers

    I have followed this story since 2019. Taiwanese woman Jane Huang reported to the Taiwan Mirror Weekly in 2019 that she had three sexual relations with the Karmapa. At this moment, Wu Hang Yee and Vikki Hui Xin Han also posted on their Facebook pages accusing the Karmapa of having sex with them. The three of them posted all the evidence against the Karmapa on their Facebook page, for example, the text & voice messages, images..…

    Evidence of this four-hour Youtube video indeed comes from the three of them’s Facebook pages. Wu Hang Yee posted all the evidence that accused Karmapa on her Facebook page with the Chinese name “鄔幸兒,” which she has since deleted because someone who explored her Karmapa account was fake. Vikki Hui Xin Han’s Facebook page is “Dazhen Shi.”

    • Shaun Bartone

      ‘it comes from their Facebook pages.’ That’s not proof of anything. There’s no way to authenticate that those messages are indeed from their Facebook pages, or that those Facebook posts were actually posted by the persons you claim. This is all conjecture, and would never hold up as evidence in a court of law. The video proves nothing; it’s just propaganda to support your point of view. And did the video change my mind about the guilt or innocence of the Karmapa? No, not a whit. If anything, these social media messages, if true and authentic, only strengthen the women’s claims, because they provide details about where, when and how each of these incidents took place.

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