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Silence as Action

February 1st is the one-year anniversary of the military coup by the Tatmadaw in Myanmar. The people of Myanmar protested the Junta’s arrests, the torture, the killings, by instigating a nationwide ‘silent strike’. They shut down the entire country, city by city, village by village, and refused to go out or conduct business. I reflected on the meaning of this protest, and it struck me as rather ‘buddhist’ in a conventional sense.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t consequences for their non-actions. Organizers of the silent strike were arrested for promoting the strike on social media and other communications.


Perhaps we could join the silent strike with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar today. Read about the revolution in Myanmar, the Civil Resistance Movement, meditate and reflect on their courageous commitment to unity, democracy and human rights.

A woman crosses the empty street in downtown Yangon, Myanmar, 10 December 2021. Photo: EPA

The Myanmar public are being encouraged to take part in a “Silent Strike” entitled “Let’s fight for the way home”.

Activists and anti-junta organizations have requested the people all over the country take part the “Silent Strike” on February 1, the one-year anniversary of the military coup.

The strike will be held on February 1 from 10 am to 4 am by the people staying at home, not going to work, not attending offices and closing shops.

The silence on the roads all over the country will show that power belongs to the people, and the dictators will never be the rulers, and to show the world the unity of the Myanmar people against military rule.

On that day, at 4 pm, the “Silent Strike” will be broken by “clapping” and everyone is invited to join to show their support.

A protest leader, Ko Tay Zar San, wrote on his social media page: “On this military coup anniversary, the spring revolution anniversary, people need to show the world and Myanmar that our fighting spirit is strong, we are not afraid and we will never settle under the military rule. Especially because it is the anniversary of the coup, the world will be watching and will want to know what Myanmar people will do, if we have lost the spirit to fight and if we have gotten used to the military rule and settled. Therefore, I would like to call everyone to take part in the strike which all the citizens of Myanmar from all walks of life can participate in for the anniversary of the military coup, on February 1st 2022.”

Likewise, the Federation of General Workers Myanmar (FGWM) appealed to people to join in the silent strike nationwide.

“People believe and hope that 2022 will be the year the revolution sees a turning tide. To be frank, we have the strong confidence and fighting spirit that this is the year people get back the power and people once again rule,” said a spokesperson of the FGWM.

He again called for everyone’s cooperation to show the fighting spirit against the military rule, with this silent strike.

“The world will be watching what Myanmar people will do on that day, if we have lost our spirit and if we have settled under the military group. Thus, I would like to request people from all walks of life to

participate on February 1. We need to fight for a chance to go home. Let’s save our strength for that. If we push together, it will move. Let’s fight the last battle of the revolution,” he added.

This coming silent strike is the second time this tactic has been used since the coup. The first silent strike was on December 10, 2021, on International Human Rights Day, and the action helped convey to the outside world the feelings of the people of Myanmar.

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