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O2 for Better Burma

Urgent COVID relief needed

Please join our efforts to save lives in Myanmar.

[Editor: you can donate through PayPal and other digital cash platforms. Please give now.]

A devastating third wave of the coronavirus in Myanmar is causing thousands of preventable deaths.

Driven by a contagious new variant, a lack of hospital beds and essential medical supplies, daily new positive cases and deaths have reached catastrophic levels. A serious shortage of oxygen in particular is a problem.  Family members of covid patients have to queue for hours to buy oxygen or refill oxygen tanks, and sometimes their loved ones die in the meantime. And the inherent challenges with the country’s medical infrastructure are being exacerbated by the military junta; for example, doctors are being detained simply because they are helping civilians.

On July 23rd, 2021, Myanmar recorded 6701 new positive cases (38% test positivity rate), and 319 deaths, and 1,300 dead bodies were waiting to be cremated at cemeteries in Yangon alone. The 7-day average of new positive cases is officially 5,600. Due to limited testing capacity, the actual number of people infected and dying from covid is estimated to be 10 times higher than official government statistics. 

Please join our efforts to save lives in Myanmar. As part of our relief efforts, we will now be purchasing and shipping Canta oxygen concentrators. The oxygen concentrators have been tested to work well, and meet the quality standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Along with the concentrators, we will be purchasing other essential equipment, such as oxygen flow meters, oxygen masks, nasal oxygen cannulas, and pulse oximeters. Backup generators to run the oxygen concentrators are also necessary as the electricity supply in Myanmar is very unreliable. Teams of underground volunteer-physicians in Myanmar are prioritizing the needs of patients and delivering care accordingly.

Our goal is to help save as many lives in Myanmar as possible. By donating to this fundraiser, you can help us save lives. We have a plan to move this lifesaving equipment into Myanmar within 2-3 weeks. Insight Myanmar has already committed USD $10,000 for oxygen generators. As soon as the funds are available for the purchase and shipping of 10 or more machines, we will not rest until the equipment is being used to save lives inside the country.

How will your money will be spent? 100% of the donations will go directly towards the purchase of the medical equipment, and shipping it to Myanmar.

How much does one oxygen concentrator cost, including shipping? Currently, it is  approximately USD $1,100

How can you contact us with questions or to recommend a patient in need of an oxygen concentrator? Please send us a private message and we will respond.

How will you know your money is being spent as described above? Every time we purchase and ship new oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment, we will post an update on our website, Facebook page and Instagram page.

Where will these concentrators be sent? Some of these oxygen concentrators will be distributed to underground medical clinics run by volunteers, while others will be given to poor families who have no access to hospitals and are taking care of covid patients at home.

All donations are directly managed, and the equipment purchased, shipped and distributed, in a joint effort between Better Burma and Skills for Humanity. Together, we will ensure that your donations, and the precious, life-saving supplies, remain safe from the military junta’s grasp. DONATE

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