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Umbrella Revolution 2014

Please enjoy this beautiful and heartfelt video made by Rachel Chang, a student from Hong Kong who explains her role in the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution of Sept. 2014, the precursor to the current #MilkTeaAlliance.

Rachel Chang: Please take 5 minutes to watch this video: it’s important. And to also read what I have to say:

A piece done in support of the recent events in Hong Kong were student protestors used umbrellas to shield themselves from tear gas. When the rains came, they showed their peaceful protest by holding umbrellas over Hong Kong police.

I am a Hong Kong student, therefore I want my voice to be heard. This past summer, I told myself that I hated politics and that I would never have anything to do with it. Until the protests started. I have never been one who likes conflict, let alone will actively do something about it. As much as I hated the new additions that our college made by adding TVs into the dining halls, I found myself stopping every time I passed by, as visuals of crowds blocking the busiest parts of the city were bombed by tear gas.

This place: Hong Kong. Home. I collaborated with Bumbing Happens to do a piece to show our support to the people of Hong Kong. My dad emailed me today saying that the protests have gotten progressively worse; that just yesterday the police started physically beating protesters. We had to work really quickly against time, to find a way to keep up with the news, yet still hold our ground in the message we’re trying to convey: that we’re standing with the protests, that this art piece and videos are our forms of support.

I still haven’t said why I decided to actively do something about this conflict: this political conflict. It’s because I’m afraid, I’m terrified of returning to a place that I have called home for the past 19 years, and feeling no longer comfortable to call it that. This though alone terrifies me.

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