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An Open Letter to My Fellow White People

by ONE HUMAN JOURNEY. Posted: 26 Aug 2020 10:05 PM PDT

Dear fellow WHITE people,

Please explain why (BLACK) unarmed Breonna Taylor, a medical technician who didn’t kill anybody, was shot and killed IN HER BED by police who busted into her house on a no-knock warrant, and still no one has been charged. 

Please explain why (BLACK) unarmed George Floyd who didn’t kill anybody had a man’s knee on his neck choking him to death for almost 9 minutes even when he was saying (caught on video) “I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe.”

Please explain why HEAVILY ARMED Dylann Roof (WHITE) shot and KILLED 9 people (ALL of them BLACK) in a mass murder inside a church during Bible study, and was gently handcuffed and taken into custody. 

Please explain why Timothy McVeigh (WHITE) who KiLLED 168 people and injured 680 others in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, was gently handcuffed and taken into custody. At the time of his arrest, McVeigh was ARMED with a pistol in his jacket that was visible to the arresting officer.

Please don’t pretend like you don’t understand why we keep saying BLACK LIVES MATTER. That’s dishonest of you. You know why we are saying it, you just don’t want to admit it. 

And we’re NOT saying other lives don’t matter. We’re not saying BLUE lives don’t matter. We’re not saying WHITE lives don’t matter. We’re saying there’s something really disturbing happening here in the way BLACK people are being murdered by a justice system that privileges WHITE people, and it’s been happening for a very long time. It needs to stop. 

We’re saying there is an imbalance in the way people of different colors are being treated under the law, and it needs to be addressed. 

But before a problem can be solved, it has to be SEEN for what it is. It has to be acknowledged as a PROBLEM. 

For 400+ years, BLACK people who were brought here by WHITE people have been enslaved, murdered, raped, bombed, tortured, shot, lynched, burned alive, hung in trees, dismembered for souvenirs, excluded from white communities, excluded from educational opportunities, excluded from vocational opportunities, excluded from voting (until fairly recently). And yet you don’t think our American government is AT ALL in the wrong in regards to its treatment of BLACK folk? This continues today in our unequal treatment of BLACK people in the “war on drugs” (invented by the vile, impeached President Nixon as part of the “Southern strategy” for electing GOP leaders) and the evolution of the mass incarceration of BLACK people.

Once the problem is seen and acknowledged for what it is, then potential solutions can at least be discussed. But as long as a vast swath of our society willfully refuses to even acknowledge that such a problem exists, it will continue. 

And as long as it continues, so many WHITE Americans will will continue to poison themselves with ignorance, denial, and hatred. 

And so many BLACK Americans will continue to die unjustly, and disproportionately, under the law. 

That’s NOT okay with me. If it IS okay with you, I would suggest you get in a time machine and travel back to 1939, and live in Hitler’s Germany, because that’s where your HEART belongs.

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