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Let the Plant Mother teach you…

Embody the

S P I R I T  O F  T H E  E A R T H

Vetiver & Hinoki in sacred harmony

Let us guide you into the world of
Vetiver Hinoki
Imagine yourself standing in a rich and vibrant forest. Inhale the warm complex earthiness of vetiver roots. Inhale sweet, woody Japanese cypress. Inhale nectarous aromatic orange peel. Exhale deeply and let the aromas soften your mind, traveling down your body until you are calm and still. Our Vetiver Hinoki Body Oil & Body Butter will send you to this dream state. They are our most grounding, earthy products yet.

Now begin the ritual. Start by finding the empty space, the pause, the moment between inhalation and exhalation.

Gift yourself stillness, gift yourself slowness. Create an intermission. Use it to empty your thoughts, worries, fears. Use it to ground your being to the spirit of the earth.

Apply Vetiver Hinoki Body Oil or Butter to skin still damp from a shower, bath or HydroSoul misting. Pump Oil or scoop Butter into your palms, bond hands together, massage into skin and let it seep into your pores. Extend the sensation to your arms, torso, legs and feet.

* A N O I N T E D *
in Spirit.

Pure, silken nourishment. Jojoba and sunflower oils feed the skin EFAs, antioxidants and other phytonutrients for head-to-toe moisture, while sacred hinoki cypress, earthy vetiver, and uplifting sweet orange enshrine and sanctify skin, strengthening and soothing the spirit. Vetiver and Hinoki work in perfect earthen harmony to calm, center, and sensualize, leaving you feeling alive and refreshed in your body and in your being.

* C O C O O N E D *
in Spirit.

For dry & dehydrated skin, skin that has seen too much sun or skin that begs for extra protection, try our Whipped Vetiver Hinoki Body Butter. The same complex, grounding, earthy scent and ingredients as the Body Oil, but with a perfect, whipped base of Kperisi Village shea butter, to feed your skin and soothe your spirit.
Vetiver Hinoki cleanses and refreshes the soul,
creates space in the heart & enshrines the body in something altogether sacred.

The ritual is yours to create, and yours to claim.

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One comment on “Let the Plant Mother teach you…

  1. Shaun Bartone

    I got this in an email. I hope you get the joke.

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