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Morgan West: 12 Lessons on Power

Twelve Lessons on Power

Originally published at Epilogue. Morgan West has written a political history of the Millennial generation in a dozen paragraphs, creating a sweeping view of Anglo-American history from the point of view of a crushed generation. The clarity of the author’s analysis is stunning.

Photo by Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash….Our enemies, the enemies of what is good and reasonable and just in the world, are worse than anyone wants to admit. They’re more powerful than anyone wants to believe. They will not be bent by strikes, they will not be moved by nonviolent protests, they will not be defeated in elections, votes won’t stop them, and they will not be impeached or sued or shamed into submission. This isn’t the 1890s, or the 1910s, the 1930s, or the 1960s. We must not assume that we can simply replicate the labor and civil rights movements of those eras and pretend they’ll have equivalent impacts today. Our rulers now have tools of oppression they never had then, both military and psychological. They have decades, centuries, of social engineering on their side, and more money and technology than has ever existed before. And now they have climate chaos and ecological collapse to both justify and spark their most tyrannical ambitions. They will happily murder us, cage us, warp our sense of reality, they will gleefully torture us whenever they get the chance, and they will watch the whole world burned to literal ash before they consent to one cent being taken from their hoards, one unit of power pulled from their hands.Read more at Epilogue…


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