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Non-Buddhism Non-plussed

Glenn: Here’s my latest thinking on your Non-Buddhism argument, esp. with regard to Laruelle and the Real. Simply this: there is no other kind of Buddhism other than X-Buddhism. (I will say this in different ways so you get my point.) X-Buddhism is the only kind of Buddhism that exists or that CAN exist. There is no Buddhism ‘outside’ of X-Buddhism. There is no Buddhism ‘different from’ X-Buddhism. There is no possibility of another kind of Buddhism other than X-Buddhism. There is no Buddhism that is Real, or that is ‘more Real’ than X-Buddhism. The only way to access the Real is by ignoring Buddhism altogether, except to observe it as an artifact of history. In order to define the possibility of the Real, one must make no reference to Buddhism whatsoever. The Real will not use [Non][X]Buddhism as any part of its description or definition or reference any of its terms or ideas or historical artifacts. Once you say ‘Buddhism’ or ‘Non-Buddhism’ you have created a category that is severed from the Real. So it’s already and automatically [Non][X]Buddhism // Real. There is no connection between [Non][X]Buddhism and the Real. The only thing that is the Real is the Real. Therefore, all Buddhisms, no matter what kind they are, Non, Post, Un, Anti, or X, are already and automatically outside the Real. Just as Chaim and T. Pepper posit a more truthful or faithful or immanent (non-transcendent) Buddhism as Marxist-Buddhism, you are positing that there is some kind of ‘other’ Buddhism that is possible outside of or different from X-Buddhism. But there is ONLY X-Buddhism and it can never be the Real or even reference the Real or point its crooked finger at the Real. It is always and only X-Buddhism and it is always severed from the Real.

2 comments on “Non-Buddhism Non-plussed

  1. When you speak of the Real, That’s the actual teachings of the Buddha, the truth, the real truth, the Noble truth. This truth, this is real because it is liberating.
    Buddhism is not the real, not the truth because it is not liberating. Asian Buddhism Is large and hiding within the sangha is the real liberating teachings and available to the few. Western Buddhism is just a shell, empty of the real liberating wisdom of the Buddha, and is a false sham of a religion just as is modern Christianity. x-non-anti Buddhism (mostly from Harvard and other scholarly sources) can see that the Buddhism that they know about is not that liberating truth. But that is all they know, they only know the useless as useless, but they do not know the useful and think it does not exist or that they can find it.

    But all of western Buddhism including and especially x-non-anti-Buddhism is a miserable failure and it is miserable because it has no value in eliminating misery.
    So whenever anyone writes in the name of x-non-anti Buddhism, they are even further from the real noble liberating truth than those religious Buddhist they criticize. While Western Buddhism has taken a step away from the real and liberating truth into magical thinking, x (and the rest) Buddhism has taken a step off the cliff into clinical (cynical) ignorance that has little change to gain any benefit other than having something to write about.

    Spending time finding real liberation would be time better spent than writing and posting for the trashing of western Buddhism and commiserating with those trash mongers. Why spend time trashing something that has little value and spend time finding something useful. In short, you might want to find a teacher willing to set things upright for you. Time to stop crying over spilled milk.

    • Shaun Bartone

      This is the first post I have ever published (as I remember) on the topic of Non-Buddhism. I’m offering a one-off critique of the whole Non-Buddhist argument. Otherwise, I haven’t spent any time on it. But whatever. If you look at the five years worth of articles that I have posted on this blog (engagedbuddhism.net and engagedharma.net, and dharmanerds.wordpress.com), you will see that I write and promote hundreds of other issues and ideas besides this particular strain of [non]Buddhism. And this is the end of comments on this particular article.

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