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Digital Fascism

This German investigative news program digs deep to show who and what was behind the two most surprising electoral campaigns of 2016: the Brexit Leave Campaign and the election of Donald Trump. According to the journalist, Dirk Laabs, it was big data manipulation developed by the US Federal Government’s own research program, DARPA. DARPA Big Data technology was used by the US military during its covert wars to influence foreign populations. That technology was then picked up by researchers at Cambridge University, funded by Putin’s GRU, and converted to civilian use on domestic populations. The technology was used by Cambridge Analytica and Aggregate IQ, the big data firm on Vancouver Island, both owned by Robert Mercer. Both companies were pivotal in shaping Brexit and the election of Trump. The deployment of US military Big Data technology on domestic civilian populations was financed by billionaires including Robert Mercer and the UK’s Aaron Banks, and Russian plutocrats. The wealth of these and other financiers are held in offshore accounts. It was globalized, offshore wealth that financed Digital Fascism, not just ‘Russia’. And according to this journalist, Trump/Bannon/Farage were not the first ones to use this DARPA military technology in a political campaign. Can you guess who was the first? Watch the video and find out.

And just as digital expert Jaron Lanier said, the big data algorithms work by exploiting splits in the population, polarizing opposites. Digital Fascism is not like the Fascism of World War II. It doesn’t matter which side of an issue you’re on, so long as you are polarized on one side or the other. It doesn’t matter if you are a Fascist or an Anti-Fa. It doesn’t matter if you’re a White Supremacist or a ‘Blacktivist‘. It doesn’t matter if you’re anti-immigrant or pro-integration. The algorithms work regardless of which side of an issue you’re on, so long as you take an extremist position. Digital Fascism weaponizes polarized splits in the population. The whole point is that splits in the population are exploited by ultra-wealthy plutocrats to manipulate and destabilize whole populations and thereby control them. They exploit these splits by turning subsets of the population against each other, ratcheting up conflict to the point of violence and chaos, because a polarized electorate cannot function as a democracy. Thus, the plutocratic 1% have free reign to extract as much wealth as they want from the 99%, with no interference from governments or populations.

Sounds like a good time to deploy some Digital Dharma. That’s why Vandana Shiva’s book, The One versus the 1 % is timely and prescient.

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