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White Awake w/ Lyla June


“Indigenous peoples and white folks have an immense potential to change the course of history together. While there are many Euro-Americans who feel a sense of superiority, the Standing Rock movement evidenced that there a great number of white folks who seek to support and heal Indigenous Nations.Let’s tap into the power of our potential alliance. Although we may be children of war, we can become people of peace” – Lyla June

White settlers and others socially classified as white …

White Awake is excited to host Lyla June for this two part training designed with you in mind. The training will target the development of skills, awareness, and ways of being among people who are socially categorized as white (whether they are settlers or Europeans), such that we can further our ability to act in solidarity with Indigenous communities.

Lyla’s intentions are to lay the groundwork for safe, loving and healing relationships between white/settler and Indigenous groups. Her vision is that through such alliances, both groups can experience change and improvement in their communities.

Learn how much power we have as settler (or European) and Indigenous groups when we lovingly band together in an effective and respectful manner!

Note: While this training is designed to help white folks become better accomplices / allies to Indigenous Peoples, all are welcome to listen and attend.

Save the date: January 13th and 27th, 2019

3-5pm ET (1-3pm PT) both dates

Registration opens Dec 30, 2018

Suggested donation: $50-200

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds.*

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