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Dear Readers: I posted my first article on this blog on June 10, 2014. This blog has been through as many transformations as I have.

Some of you may notice that I have changed the registered domain name of Engage! to http://www.engagedharma.net. This change was a long time coming and I put it off for two years. Fortunately, the name was still available so I could make the change now. None of the operations of the site will change. You click on the same link and the old domain name will take you to the new domain. If there are any glitches, please let me know, and I will do my best to work out the kinks.

This is not just a change of name, it is a change of direction. I am personally no longer associated with institutional Buddhism in any form. I do not belong to any Buddhist sect, lineage, church or organization. I have considered my belief and practice to be ‘post-Buddhist’ for several years. Search for post-buddhism (‘post’) on this site and you will see that the first article with that title appeared on February 11, 2015, more than three years ago. That was well after I had decided that institutional Buddhism was more of an impediment to my practice than a support.

I am post-Buddhist in this sense: I use the categories and themes that Buddhism developed—impermanence, non-self, dukkha, interdependence, karma/rebirth, awakening, liberation, emptiness, and many others—but I define them in new ways that are relevant to the 21st century context. I apply them to 21st century problems and use them to identify 21st century solutions. I will expound on this in more detail in future posts.

As I have said in my mission statement, ‘About Engage’, dharma is wisdom; it includes not just Buddhist dharma, but any other insights about reality that help us understand our existential situation—scientific, social and spiritual.

Engage! will go on, as I go on, using the dharma to transform our relationship to the world and each other.

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