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Buddhist Futures: Futurica & the Internet Sangha

Futurica Trilogy: How the Internet is going to Kill Industrial Capitalism and the Western Enlightenment Idea of the Individual.

This video by Alexander Bard, one of the authors of the Futurica Trilogy, explains how the internet is the fourth communication revolution. The internet is a ‘single organism’ that obliterates the western enlightenment concept of the individual.


Along with this, listen to Michael W. Taft’s interview with Buddhist Geeks’ Vince Horn, who talks about the Internet and the reorganization of Buddhist communities as “the Great Unbundling”. It’s a brilliant window into the future of Buddhist sanghas, if Buddhism can adapt to the Internet, or it will be destroyed by it. Horn mentions the Futurica Trilogy and the newer book, Syntheism: Creating God in the Internet Age.

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