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DIY: Self-Guided Day-Long Retreat

A Complete Guide for Day-Long Meditation Retreats at Home

by David Ryan Oelke, published at http://awakening.life/at-home-retreat-guide/

Plan and prepare for diving deep in your meditation practice without leaving home.

Planning a day-long meditation retreat at home is one of the easiest ways we can dive deeper into our meditation practice. It’s easy to plan, costs nothing, and your daily meditation practice will gain significant momentum. You’ll experience the benefits of periodic at-home retreats well beyond the day you do them. My hope is that this guide will empower you to craft day-long retreats and support you in diving deeper in your practice.

Everything you need to plan the purpose of your retreat and all of the nuts and bolts:

  • Clarifying the heart of your retreat
    • Setting your intention, unpacking your practice
    • Journaling exercises
  • Picking your primary and supportive practices
  • Planning the retreat
    • Creating a retreat schedule
    • Getting the right meditation gear
    • Using meditation timer apps
    • Preparing your space
  • During the retreat
    • Journaling
    • Dealing with difficult experiences
  • Post-retreat reflections and integration
  • Worksheets, Checklists, References
    • You can edit these right on your computer or print them out
    • Clarifying the heart of your retreat
    • Unpacking your practice
    • Retreat planner and schedule
    • Pre-retreat checklist
    • Day-of retreat checklist
    • Post-retreat reflection and integration
    • Recommendations and links
    • Sample retreat schedules

For over 17 years I have completed at-home retreats when I’m feeling called to go deeper but don’t have an opportunity to attend a retreat at a center. I truly love this form of practice and I have done it more times than I can remember. I’m excited to offer all of my experience, experimenting, and hard learned experience in this guide to you.

Ryan Oelke, Teacher at Awakening in Life

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