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Not Buddha, Not Dharma

To see the Buddhanature in everyone, you have to see all the ways that people are awake; you have to see all the many ways that people can awaken: psychologically, socially, politically, culturally, spiritually. You can see all the ways people awaken to love, awaken to truth, to ultimate reality. You must see how people develop wisdom and compassion in their own lives. You must go beyond the Buddha, beyond the dharma, to see the Buddha that is Not Buddha; to see the Dharma that is Not The Dharma.  Then you can see it everywhere, in everybody. You can see it in every way that people express themselves, all the different religions, in every culture and ethnicity. I think this is what the Heart Sutra is about; forget all the dharmas you’ve been taught, let go of all the “truths” and preconceptions; and see the awakening that is shining in everyone, in everything. See the Buddha that is Not Buddha, practice the dharma that is Not The Dharma, be a part of the universal Sangha that is beyond Buddhism, the Maha Sangha. I practice a Buddhism that is Not Buddhism. That is why I see Buddhism everywhere, in everyone.


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