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Syria: This Endless Nightmare Must Stop

This Endless Nightmare Must Stop: Syrian Author Speaks Out as Chemical Attack Death Toll Rises

The brutal war in Syria has been raging for six years, with dozens of chemical attacks on Syrian civilians by the Assad Regime and its allies, barrel bombs that have destroyed schools and hospitals, whole cities that have been destroyed, and millions of Syrians that have been forced to flee the country as refugees. Yet no Buddhist social action organization (that I know of) has declared outrage and condemnation of this war, or called for an end to war and a just peace process.

Even if no Buddhist organization is calling for an end to the atrocities and a whole-hearted call for peace in Syria, I call for it, I as a single individual who has no power but a simple blog, I as a Buddhist who is deeply concerned with human rights, I call on all Buddhists and people of conscience to agitate and organize to stop the war and begin the peace process. Calling for ‘peace” seems to have fallen out of fashion for certain Buddhist groups, but nothing less than peace will suffice to stop the violence and start the process of healing the people. I call on Buddhists and people of conscience to demand justice for Syria, for the perpetrators of war crimes in Syria, regardless of political or religious affiliation, to be brought to justice.

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