Dr. Paul Gilbert: Mindful Compassion

I’m reading Mindful Compassion (2014) by Dr. Paul Gilbert and Choden. It’s a continuation of Gilbert’s work on the neuroscience of compassion, captured in his first book The Compassionate Mind (2009). Gilbert’s work on compassion is based in evolutionary psychology. Like me, he saw the parallels in Buddhist teachings and evolution. For that reason, I’d like to read his first book too. But I’m starting with Mindful Compassion because it’s how to put that knowledge into practice, using mindfulness techniques and compassion practices. 

My goal is to start a Compassionate Recovery group, to apply these teachings and practices in tecovery from addiction. I have been in recovery for 25 years. In that time I have found that what is most lacking in most addiction treatment programs is a compassionate approach to recovery, combined with meditation. My goal is not to replace other programs like 12 Steps or Refuge Recovery, but to supply what is missing through an additional practice in compassion. 

Once I read Mindful Compassion, I’ll post a review here, along with updates on the Compassionate Recovery program. 


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