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Mary Mueller Shutan: Loops

All things that are unhealed moved in loops. In simple terms a loop is stuck trauma that keeps on repeating itself. We are stuck in many loops: personally, in our relationships, with our families. We are also stuck in cultural and world loops where many people act out the loop; the same events with the original beliefs, actions, and characters (although with different faces) are replayed in attempt to change or heal the loop.

In each cycle of that loop– this goes for our personal loop as well as our collectively created loops– we can decide to heal that loop (or make progress towards healing that loop) or simply have it repeat. Again and again and again.

Ignoring patterns like this doesn’t move the loop towards healing or changing. Neither does actively participating in the loop by spreading discord and division. Neither does inaction, or thinking that if we just meditate, that is all we need to do.

What does change it? Each person deciding to look within to see how this pattern, this loop, resides in them. Each person deciding to move out of their bubble to be willing to see and acknowledge this loop happening in the outer world. Each person willing to then take action: to love, to support, and to help one another in their community. To be of service to someone, anyone, for a brief moment.

People often feel lost with these loops. They are too big. Too many people have collectively created them. They are only one person.

It only takes one person to decide to look internally as well as act externally to help another human being. Even though we are only one person, we can do a lot to dismantle personal as well as collective loops.


—Mary Mueller Shutan

Check out her teachings at her blog: http://maryshutan.com

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