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Going Beyond Buddhism

I recently told a member of a Buddhist social organization that I was post-Buddhist. As a response I got a great big “Whoa!”. Like, ‘how dare you say that you are post-Buddhist’, or at least that’s how the reaction felt to me. I explained that I have to go beyond Buddhism to deal with issues that are beyond the scope of traditional teachings of Buddhism.

As it turns out, angel Kyodo wiliams gave a talk on just this topic:

“Beyond Buddhism: What We Need to Lose To Save What We Love” 

Some quotes from the talk:  “We have a planet that is in crisis from our lack of understanding and living into our connectedness. . . And we feel helpless, but w’re not. We have this teaching to stand in, to root in. We must express, we must manifest the full complete dharma, without holding on to other people needing to buy Buddhism. That’s just another club. . . I don’t have to be “Buddhist” to manifest the dharma. . . get beyond Buddhism. Dr. King would talk about “the love that does justice.” . . . Buddhism kinda goes one better than King: without a fixed idea of a self, of a doer, there’s no one to do justice, it’s just love: love is justice. Justice is love expressed in society, between people. You actually don’t know that it’s love until you get it out there.”

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