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How to Survive the Election Apocalypse

These presentations from Josh Korda (When the Fit Hits the Shan) and Tommy Rosen (How to Avoid Relapse) can be useful guides for those of us affected by trauma, PTSD, addiction and depression in response to this election.

From Josh Korda:



From Tommy Rosen:

We knew we wanted to stop.  We may have gone days, weeks, months or even years without using.  Then something happened.  That thinking started.  And then relapse.

Now you sit here on the tail end of a binge and you feel awful.  The negative thoughts and shame plague you.  How did you end up here again?  Will you ever be able to get beyond addiction and relapsing?
You are NOT broken.   You have a dis-ease and it is called Addiction and unknowingly you are feeding it and allowing it to get a foothold in you.
You can be free of it.  Absolutely free.  I am there now and it is just simply awesome.  Of course, I am not special.  You can access the same freedom.
There are 3 things you have to realize in order to truly heal from addiction and become free.
1) Your lifestyle choices make you a welcome host for addiction.
This means you have to change your lifestyle including the food you eat, the company you keep and the environments you create for yourself.
If you eat addictively you will remain in the “frequency of addiction” which I wrote about in my first book, Recovery 2.0 (Hay House).
You are susceptible to the energies of other people.  To recover, you must be around positive people who are also interested in being better versions of themselves.
Your room, home and other spaces where you spend time are VERY important.  You will be affected by these environments and therefore will benefit by setting them up to support your health and well-being.
2) Addiction attacks in 4 dimensions.
Addiction attacks the body, mind, spirit and also works upon you in the 4th dimension of time.
Recovery must also take place 4 dimensions.
Part of your recovery plan will include:
a. Building vitality and immunity into the body through Yoga.
b. Engage in practices that focus and calm the mind through Meditation.
c. Learn to experience the spiritual side of life by seeking Truth.
d. Develop a healthy relationship with time by releasing the past and finding Presence.
3) Addiction feeds on shame, guilt and isolation.
Take away addiction’s food sources and addiction has to leave. Shame and Guilt have a purpose, simply to let you know when you are out of alignment.  As such, they can be the most important teachers. Once we learn the lessons they have to teach us though, we must discard them otherwise they become toxic. Toxic shame is addiction’s favorite food. We must be rid of it or it kills us.
Recovery also requires that we come out of isolation and into community. This is a requirement. I have never known a person who was caught in addiction that managed to recover and find freedom while at the same time remaining alone.
We need each other.  We need community.  We need to be around others who are working to improve upon themselves and who are willing to support us in our desire for the same.
This can mean 12-Step meetings, Smart Recovery meetings, Refuge Recovery meetings, Y12SR meetings.  This can mean being part of a meditation and/or yoga community or a religious or other spiritual community.   There are so many options.  To be alone is a choice.  Instead, choose to engage in a conscious, loving community.
I have presented here what I know to be a solution to relapse and addiction.
This is the work we do at all Recovery 2.0 retreats, workshops and coaching programs.
If this seems complicated remember it only happens one day at a time by taking one small step at a time.  It leads to an extraordinary life beyond relapse and addiction.
Here are some ways you can immediately take actions that lead toward healing and freedom:
I am sending you my love and the following photo from last night’s sunset in Costa Rica.
Tommy Rosen
sunset in costa rica

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