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Post-Election: The Buddhist Refuge Movement Starts Now


Let’s not give up on our love for each other.

Don’t let rage, hate and fear turn you into the mirror image of Trump. Violent revolt plays right into Trump’s fascist game plan, so he can lock us down and watch us tear each other apart. Trump will use our acted-out rage and fear to justify his plan to impose martial law and strip us of our constitutional and human rights.

Many of us are traumatized people—Black and Brown, Disabled, Indigenous, Immigrants, Latino, LGBT, Muslims, Women, people of all kinds who have suffered abuse. The Trump regime’s abusive remarks and fascist policies can paralyze us with fear and despair. Let’s listen to one another without judgement or trying to fix our feelings. People will take action when they feel ready, and take a break when they need one. Listen.

Don’t isolate, connect. Go to your meditation groups, your 12 Step groups, your spiritual groups, your POC, transgender and women’s support groups, your family and friends. Don’t re-traumatize yourself with Facebook and other social media. Be with people that you can hug, who can hug you back. Hold each other’s hands. Open up and share your feelings with another human being that you can touch. We need each other.

Make Refuge. As Edwin Ng said, let us be a refuge for each other. Find ways in your city or town to collectively provide refuge for people from target groups. Immigrants (undocumented or otherwise), Muslims, Black, Brown and Indigenous people will be immediately subjected to  a program of arrest, deportation and brutality. Let’s protect and care for each other.

Wage non-violence and peace. Let our resistance to the Trump regime create the kind of society we dream of. Create resilient communities of peace, love, respect, inclusion and human dignity.

The Buddhist Refuge Movement starts now. I am pledged to sit every week in a pubic square and let people know that building a peaceful, loving refuge community is the only path forward.

—Shaun Bartone, Editor

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