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@BLM_TO: Don’t Stop Now

The BMLTO protest at Pride Toronto is a thrilling end to police oppression and a start to real equality and inclusion in Pride parades. And while we’re at it, let’s not stop here. Let’s get rid of all religious organizations in Pride marches, because I haven’t seen a single religious organization yet that doesn’t oppress some portion of the queer community, whether it’s people of colour or transgender or sexually diverse people. That includes so-called “progressive” churches and religions. And let’s not stop at churches and religions. Let’s get rid of the MILITARY who use Pride parades to draft queer people to invade foreign countries and colonize them.

Let’s get rid of all the CORPORATIONS that sponsor Pride marches in the millions and turn it into a giant advertising machine, while they sell products made by slaves in dangerous sweat shop conditions in developing nations like Bangladesh; CORPORATIONS that engineer financial disasters and austerity policies so they can rob people of basic social services like housing and health care, while they pay death wages to overworked people who can’t even make enough money to feed themselves and pay rent. CORPORATIONS that burden youth with billions in student debt, turning them into indentured servants, ending their careers before they’re even started. CORPORATIONS that gentrify urban neighbourhoods, evict the poor and foreclose on working class people and rob them of their housing. CORPORATIONS that start proxy wars in third world nations, causing mass death, destruction and displacement; that run private for profit prisons, that pollute rivers and oceans and raze rain forests for mining and oil reserves while they shoot to kill indigenous people and environmental activists who try to stop them. All of the situations I noted above victimize, in the main, black and brown people all over the world. LET’S NOT STOP HERE. LET’S GET RID OF ALL THE BULLSHIT IN PRIDE PARADES.

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