Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Note #108: Recovering your Buddha Nature

I saw Craig Cardiff sing this song at the Company House last Saturday. He talked about this song, and he also told the story of the Buddhist tantric master, Milarepa, who allowed his demons to swallow him so he could be free of them. As he sang the song, the thought came to me: “Recovering is Uncovering your own Buddha nature.” I made a note of this in my iPod Notepad. Then I discovered that it was Note #108.

Spring swallowed winter
like bitter swallows sweet
you said you were tired
of missing the stars
tripping on your feet
i’m trying to make it better
i’ve been saying it so long,
that things will be better soon
better soon, i know…

once, twice, three times again
there is no road so far down beyond recovering

you’d been holding out for hope
long after hope, she had let go.
craving, she keeps coming by though
doubt holds court
with her small town boasts.
the worst is how she’s familiar,
how she’s comfortable…


spring swallowed winter like
bitter swallowed sweet
you were tired of missing the stars
tripping on your feet
don’t mistake for brokeness
what is just a fragile state of opening
of coming out of the night
into day


One comment on “Note #108: Recovering your Buddha Nature

  1. Katrina Johnston

    Love this – beautiful and true – self-acceptance (swallowing), embracing (and then letting go) of all that is, is the only way…!

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