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Mushim Patricia Ikeda: Remembering Our Wholeness

Published on Sep 4, 2015

This is a video of Mushim Patricia Ikeda delivering her keynote address to the 2015 Starr King Symposium: Remembering Our Wholeness. The honored guest teacher discusses the ways in which her tradition of Mahayana Buddhism helps her connect to her wholeness and how we can connect with and live in our wholeness.

“Remembering our wholeness is envisioning our wholeness. because if we’re not moving towards something, we are left with only protest,” said Mushim Ikeda.


Symposium opening address by Dr Ibrahim Farjaje.

To learn more about Symposium, visit http://www.sksmsymposium.org

To learn more about Starr King School for the Ministry, visit http://www.sksm.edu.

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