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Recovery 2.0 Conference Schedule

I am so thrilled to present the official schedule for the February 2016 Recovery 2.0 Online Conference.

This year’s theme is #SurviveHealThrive, and that is the hashtag we are using on social media channels.

You are registered for the conference and will be receiving access instructions early morning on February 17th, the 1st day of the conference.

Please make sure to join our online conference Facebook group where you will be able to connect directly with the global recovery 2.0 community.

I hope you will consider pre-ordering the Recovery 2.0 Conference Recordings today for $97 (Save $50)

Without further ado, here below, I present the Recovery 2.0 Schedule of Presentations for 2016.

With Love and Gratitude,
Tommy Rosen and the Recovery 2.0 Team


Wednesday, Feb. 17

Elena Brower
Yoga, Recovery and the Path to Wholeness
Dr. Joseph Lee
Recovering My Kid: Insights on Recovery for Young People
Ann Boroch
A Life Beyond the Ravages of Sugar
Chris Thrasher
Sex, Drugs, 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
Dr. Jesse Hanson
The Road Back from Trauma

Thursday, Feb. 18

Dr. Gabor Mate
Your Pain: The Call to Healing
 Rolf Gates
Meditations on Intention and Being
Durga Leela
The 6 Tenets of Recovery
Mark Sisson
The Primal Blueprint: Food and Recovery from Addiction
Valerie Mason-John
A Survivor’s Guide Home to the Breath

Friday, Feb. 19

Jack Canfield
The 30-Day Sobriety Solution
Erica Spiegelman
Rewired: Changing Your Brain, Behavior and Life
Guruprem Khalsa
Distraction & Separation: The Root Addictions
Dr. Blaise Aguirre
The Core Skill of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Ricky Tran
Yoga Philosophy and Recovery

Saturday, Feb. 20

Thomas Moore
Myth, Storytelling and the Healing of the Soul
Cecelia Jayme
Addiction, Spirituality and Human Development
Rod Stryker
Secrets from a Yoga Master for Living an Authentic Life
Simran Khalsa
Kundalini Rising: Connecting with the Divinity within
Leonard Buschel
One Life at a Time: Wisdom from the Path

Sunday, Feb. 21

Noah Levine
Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Approach to Healing Addiction
Richard Rohr
Practicing Our Way into Grace, Union and Freedom
Nikki Myers
Shadow and Light: Integrating All Aspects of the Self
Jamison Monroe
Cutting Edge Approaches to Teen Recovery
Levi Felix
Technology Addiction!

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