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Recovery 2.0 Conference Feb. 17 – 21

This year’s conference features three of my favourite speakers: Vimalasara Mason John, author of 8 Steps to Recovery; Noah Levine, author of Refuge Recovery, and Nikki Meyers, founder of Y12R, Yoga 12-Step Recovery. The conference is free and registration is simple.

When I send out a newsletter each week, the main goal is to provide  something that is helpful to you in your life as a recovering person.  The past 5 weeks I’ve shared 5 videos with you from past Recovery 2.0 Conferences.  There has been a collective “Yes, Thank you.” from the global Recovery 2.0 community and I am grateful to hear such amazing feedback.

Here’s another gift…

The next Recovery 2.0 Online Conference is just over 2 weeks away from February 17-21.  As always, the 5-day online event is FREE and we expect over 30,000 people from over 100 countries to be attending.

Register for Free here.

The theme of this year’s conference is #SurviveHealThrive.

First, we have to survive addiction
Next, we have to heal at the level of mind, body and spirit.
Then, we get to thrive in our lives as healthy, creative, powerful people.

Whatever you are facing, make a point of connecting with Recovery 2.0 today.

The Recovery 2.0 Conference is a place to come find information, inspiration and a practical holistic approach to life that works.

Register for the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference today.

If there is anything I’ave learned in 24 years of recovery, it is this:  No one does this alone.  We have teachers, therapists, sponsors, guides and mentors.  Community is a main ingredient.  Humility as well.  We ask for help whenever we need it and most of us have noticed that we need it a lot.

Come check out 25 talks with experts in the art of Surviving, Healing and Thriving.

And we will find ever more ways to connect online and in person supporting each other throughout the year.

Sending Love and Gratitude,
Tommy Rosen

PS – There is a way to thrive in your life as a recovering person.  It is called Recovery 2.0.  Come learn all about it  from 25 experts at the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference.  If moved to do so, please spread the word and post this link on all social media channels:  http://recovery2point0conference.com


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