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Venerable Rathana Thera Presents Buddhist Declartion on Climate Change at COP 21

This email newsletter from BCAN confirms what I had reported in early December: it was Venerable Rathana Thera who presented the Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change at Paris COP 21.

Venerable Rathana Thera hands over the Buddhist Climate Statement
to French President Hollande at COP21.
Report of Buddhist Climate Statement
Presented at COP21 Paris

“This is not a question of one nation or two nations. This is a question of humanity. Our world is our home,” the Dalai Lama said. “There’s no other planet where we may move or shift.”

Toward the end of 2015, a dedicated volunteer group worked diligently behind the scenes worldwide to facilitate a global Buddhist contribution to COP21. This involved many calls across time zones, negotiations, with numerous discussions back and forth. The resulting declaration has not been widely noted or commented on in Buddhist circles, but nevertheless, it was a significant contribution and achievement, given how difficult it can be to bring Buddhist groups together across traditions and continents. The groups and individuals who collaborated together on this are listed below. Great credit goes to Ciara Shannon of Our Voices, who coordinated the process. Read a report from Buddhist Door.

Participating organisations and individuals involved include:

It is of great note that the statement was signed by most of the highest-ranking Buddhist leaders in the East, as well as many dharma teachers in the West. The statement was translated into 12 languages.

The full statement and signatory list can be viewed here.

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